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Iceni Magazine | September 18, 2020

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How To Add Life Back Into An Aged Home

How To Add Life Back Into An Aged Home

Our homes are just as susceptible to the aging process as we are.

Floor boards begin to creak over time, windows lose their shine and doors stiffen when we try to open or close them. Unfortunately, there is no way to rewind the aging process for us humans, but our houses are an entirely different story.

There are many little changes you can make to help add life back into your home. From re-painting the walls with a fresh coat of paint, to re-decorating the living room with new furniture and décor – the options are limitless. Below, we have included some of the best ways you can bring your aged home back to land of the living:

Let there be light!
A poorly lit home will appear darker and more aged than a house flooding with natural light. It’s not rocket science. Light is the epitome of life. Plants need it to grow and we need it for the good of our health. If you want to add an extra burst of life into your home, you need to bring the light in. Of course, there may be limitations in some homes with very few windows. Thankfully, you can take control of this by installing a few skylights. You can breathe life back into your home with quality velux products from Ken’s Yard.

Mix the old with the new
You don’t have to get rid of everything in your home to give it a complete makeover. In fact, modern interior designers are currently loving the whole ‘old mixed in with the new’ style. You can achieve this by combining certain materials together such as timber and glass. The Independent spoke to a professional interior designer, who suggested using the two materials together because it was the ideal divide between the “familiar and contextual, while exuding a contemporary edge”.

Say goodbye to drapes
Modern homes are moving away from traditional blinds and opting for a more stylish option instead. In-window shades provide the perfect touch of modernity into an older home. You can also choose a complete black-out option for your bedroom to ensure a perfect night’s sleep.

Simple Furnishings
Older homes tend to occupy a range of vintage style furniture. If this is the look you are going for, then great. However, if you want to re-vitalise your home, you may want to consider replacing old furniture with a simpler and contemporary option. Forbes suggests using furnishings with rich textures, soft colours and clean lines for a more contemporary look.

Replace old carpets
While carpets where all the rage back in the day, they have grown to be very out-dated and old fashioned. Lifting the carpets and replacing them with laminate or wooden flooring will have a huge impact on the look and feel of your home. Wooden floors have grown in popularity recently and they are great if you want your home to have a more rustic and homely appearance.


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