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Iceni Magazine | August 10, 2020

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Things to Factor In When Designing & Scheming a Room

Things to Factor In When Designing & Scheming a Room

Designing a room is a task way difficult than you can imagine. We all have gone through those marvelous magazines ogling over beautiful photographs displaying wonderful interior design ideas.

Agreed, this, certainly, helps us to gather tiny tit-bits and frame a translucent idea of how we want the room to look like, but beginning without a clear plan will, undoubtedly, result in a lot of misapprehensions and misunderstandings later. These mistakes can cost you way more than your financial budget and you may end up pulling your hair a lot harder than you should. So, to save you from the cost of a hair transplant, the following are some tips that must weigh in when you begin planning to design your nest.

  • Determine the purpose or role of the room

This is an ideal beginning in the process to design a room. If you already know you are designing a bedroom or a living room it’s great. However, some parts of the home are pretty complex to decide. As an example, if you are thinking of making a relaxation chamber; that is an entirely different purpose and the design of the same must be thought of carefully. Determining the role of the room helps you to decide in a much better fashion on the color scheme, furniture and the overall aura and ambiance of the room.

  • Make a budget and stick to it

Once you have decided on the purpose of the room and there is a clear plan in your mind, determining your budget to achieve the same won’t be a tedious task. Planning on your budget helps you to keep your finances in limit so that you don’t go overboard later. Stick to your budget and try to complete the designing project well-within your finances as well as to your gratification.

As an example, you can always get the old furniture repaired and polished and use the same in your new room, rather than spending a hefty sum on new furniture. This could help you save a lot of additional bucks. Always buy the essential items first rather than squandering your money on decorations and stuff.

  • Do know the dimensions of the room before buying stuff

If you are unaware of the dimensions of your room you could end up buying a thing which doesn’t fit in and is completely out of space. It is required to leave an ample amount of free space in your room so as not to make it feel claustrophobic and cramped up. Simultaneously the room must include all the essential items as well. This feat can only be achieved if you are well aware of the dimensions of the room beforehand.

  • Keep other rooms in mind

Always keep your other rooms in mind. You can’t design one room to be totally in contrast to your other rooms. All the rooms share a connection and are joined to each other. However, you don’t require being perfect in this as keeping everything same in all the rooms, undoubtedly, creates a bland atmosphere. The thing here to think of is the flow and the recurrence between the rooms. There must be a sense of belongingness between different rooms. Keeping other rooms in mind will, certainly, help you to decide on the color scheme of your current room.

  • Don’t stress on accessories in the very beginning

You must begin your designing idea with the significant chunks and pieces. It is wiser to select accessories later on. As an example, if you invest in a flower pot first you will find it much harder to find the desk that goes with it. Speaking of the opposite it is, definitely, easier to select a flower pot that goes with your desk.

Moreover, spending huge bucks on trendy accessories is never a good idea. First of all, your room won’t look good if it is overfilled with unnecessary accessories. Secondly, an accessory which is in trend now may go out of vogue in a year or two. This may hurt a little if you have made a considerable investment in them.

Hence, keeping accessories in the later part of the designing process is always good thinking.

  • Don’t ever forget about lighting

This is a part which most persons tend to miss or overlook even though this is one of the most important parts. Post designing a significant portion of your room it is time to think about lighting.

Lighting is the component that when set up carefully can brighten up your design and when loosely thought of can make the most beautiful design lost into a realm of gloom. Everything ranging from windows, lamps to wall lights holds equal importance in setting up the lighting.


Even when you have the above tips in your mind; the most important factor that you must remember is to design your room in your own personal style rather than falling for the trends. A room when designed in a personalized style will instill a sense of peacefulness in you. On the other hand, the so-called trends become out-of-vogue in a much less time than you can think of.


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