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Iceni Magazine | May 28, 2022

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The Right & Wrong Ways To Decorate Your Walls

The Right & Wrong Ways To Decorate Your Walls

The walls inside your house are so integral to its overall interior design.

Often, a room can be made or broken depending on how the walls are decorated. After spending a lot of time in other people’s homes over the years, combined with endless internet surfing, it’s fair to say I’ve come across my fair share of different wall decoration ideas.

Some of the ideas are brilliant and enhance your home while others are best left alone. Clearly, you don’t want to make any mistakes when decorating your home as it can cost money and time to correct them. With this guide, you’ll soon learn the right and wrong ways to decorate your interior walls. The good news is, there are only a couple of mistakes to avoid, so it should be easy to do all the right stuff!

Too much going on

The biggest wall decorating mistake is definitely having too much going on. As you’ll read throughout this guide, some of the best ways to decorate your walls are by adding things to them. However, there’s a line you shouldn’t cross as it can leave your walls looking like an absolute cluster full of mess.

As far as wall decorating goes, less is certainly more. You don’t need to have loads of photos on every single inch of the wall, followed by paintings and other decorations. Ideally, you want to retain a lot of space on the walls so the room doesn’t feel too small. With too much stuff, you almost create the sensation of the walls closing in on you.

Too many colours/patterns

Similarly, another wall decorating mistake revolves around the colours and patterns used on the walls. Modern interior design is all about keeping things quite plain and simplistic. Often, the walls are not meant to be the centre of attention, rather they are used to enhance other elements of the interior design theme.

So, one mistake you could make is having overly patterned and convoluted wallpaper designs that detract from the rest of the room. Likewise, painting your walls very bright and vibrant colours can also be a big error. While it might seem bright and jovial, it actually creates a very strange atmosphere in a room. You don’t feel like you’re in a house – it feels like you’re on the set of a children’s TV show!

keep it neutral

Keep it neutral

Following on from the above, the right way to decorate your walls is with neutral colours. This is because they leave you with the perfect canvas to do as you please. When adding things to your walls, having neutral colours means that anything will fit perfectly. It also means that all the other elements of a room’s design won’t be upset by the walls.

That’s something we didn’t touch upon in the previous point, but it’s actually very important. If you use bright and explosive colours, you need to ensure that the furniture, upholstery, and everything else matches those colours. It can be extremely hard to do that, which is why neutral colours work so perfectly on your walls. Plus, neutral colours mean you can change other parts of your interior design without worrying about the walls. Want to change your sofa to something newer and different? Perfect, your walls will match it no matter what!

Use artwork

Adding art to your walls is a surefire way of making a room look better. It just brings a touch of class to the place and can really accentuate other little elements of a room. With art, you can include more colours that can match your furniture and other decorations. For instance, if you have some blue accents on your chairs in the dining room, add a piece of art that also includes similar colours. You’ll be amazed at how much this helps tie everything together and bring out the colours in a room.

There are plenty of ways to hang or use artwork in your home. One of the best and most common ideas is to get some lovely frames and put the art in them. Again, this gives you a chance to further improve the interior design of a room. With the frame, you can pick something that matches other parts of the room. Perhaps it can be the same colour as your coffee table in the living room? Or, if you want a monochromatic room of black and white, adding a black photo frame on a white wall really helps make things stand out.

Another option is to get canvases on your walls, which create more of a statement than frames. The choice is yours, just remember the first piece of advice; don’t go overboard.

Add family photos

Instead of art, some rooms in your home can use family photos to add a decorative touch. Here, the idea is basically the same in that you can frame the photos or get them printed on canvases. You also have the benefit of seeing fancier and more complex frame designs to allow for family photo collages.

The reason adding family photos is a good decoration is that it makes your house feel like a home. If you have kids and a family, putting photos on the walls in the hallway or living room can really create the homely element that you’ve been searching for.

Use accents

Finally, a great way to decorate walls is by using accents via the skirting boards. Here, you can colour the skirting boards differently from the walls, adding an element of juxtaposition. It really brings out the walls and can make a room look more put together. Make sure you choose accent colours that go with your main neutral tones for the best effect.

There you go; the right and wrong ways to decorate your walls. To sum up, it’s mainly about ensuring you don’t do too much when decorating. Avoid cluttering your walls, but add art or photos so they don’t feel too bare. When it comes to wall designs, neutral colours or patterns are the best.

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