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Iceni Magazine | July 2, 2022

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Tips for Creating a Cosy Small Bedroom

Tips for Creating a Cosy Small Bedroom

Decorating small bedrooms is pretty tricky.

You will have to consider several things to ensure unity in the design and functionality. It is rather challenging because you have only a tiny space to work your magic, but it can be worthwhile once you see the results.

Homeowners can find inspiration from different publications to decorate small bedrooms. Interior decorators also have ideas on transforming a drab space into a cosy, inviting area. If you’re looking to create fitted bedrooms for your home, here are some tips on how you can ensure it would be a great space to relax.

Use a loft bed to maximise space

If your room is low on floor space but has enough height, you need to consider using a loft bed to maximise the available space. You would have a place to rest, and underneath you can have an area which you can set up as a lounge or a workspace.

Opt for a multipurpose bed

If you don’t like loft beds, you can create a personalised bedroom by highlighting the bed in the middle of the area. However, you could maximise its use by having it double as a storage space for your books, pillows and other personal belongings. You can shop for an appropriate bed, or you can ask a craftsman to build you one that suits your style and preference.

Utilise fitted furniture

You can customise the bedroom easily if you use fitted furniture. You can ask a craftsman to develop a design that will maximise the wall space to serve as storage. You can incorporate the closet with various cubby holes to display your collection or store your books and other trinkets.

Choose the right colour palette

Whether you want to use wallpaper or paint the walls, you need to choose the right colour palette to create an illusion of space. Select warm and light colours to ensure that the room looks and feels spacious. Avoid dark colours because it will make the area feel cramped and uninviting.

Install bigger windows

One technique to ensure that the space feels and looks comfortable is installing bigger windows. This will not only allow better ventilation and lighting, but it can also help create a cosy space with suitable curtains.

Don’t forget to hang mirrors

Another thing you have to consider is incorporating mirrors on the fitted furniture or placing them as a feature on the wall. It will provide the occupant with an illusion of a bigger space and help illuminate the room.

Maximise every inch

One clever way to make a room cosy is to maximise every inch. Use window sills as storage for your books. Use hooks or pegs to increase storage space. You can even attach various devices to the walls to use every inch available as efficiently as possible.

Final takeaways

Decorating a small bedroom isn’t easy. You’ll have to consider several factors before you create a unified design that will allow you to maximise every available inch of space while maintaining a unique design aesthetic.

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