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Iceni Magazine | June 4, 2020

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The Benefits of a Cardiac Rehab

The Benefits of a Cardiac Rehab

1 out of 4 people who suffer a heart attack will likely have another one in future?

The reason for this is because people still go back to their normal lifestyle despite the doctor’s advice to change their habits. Cardiac rehab is the only way to change your lifestyle after a heart attack or any heart problem. In fact, recent studies show that people who attend cardiac rehab have a better chance of being alive and well 5 years after their heart event than those who don’t. So, what are the benefits of enrolling in a cardiac rehab?

  1. Exercise Rehabilitation

The most significant component of cardiac rehabilitation is exercise. It’s the only way to strengthen your cardiovascular system as well as your body. Exercise also helps you to lose weight and deal with stress. Among the Cardiac physiologist jobs is coming up with the best exercise program for every patient. They will test your physical and heart condition and then perform a stress test to create workout routines that will work for you. Then they will supervise and guide you.

  1. Lifestyle Rehabilitation

Habits associated with your lifestyle such as smoking, poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle contribute highly towards heart issues. Another benefit of getting into cardiac rehab is that you will be educated on how to change or stop such habits. There have programs to help with weight control, smoking and diet planning. At the end of the program, you are equipped with everything you need to have a healthy and strong heart.

  1. Psychological rehabilitation

Psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, and anger are great risk factors of heart problems. In fact, people classified as type A, who are known to be very hostile, have the highest risk of heart attacks because of their anger. Every cardiac rehabilitation center has mental health experts, counselors and psychologists whose job is to evaluate your psychological state and equip you with ways to deal with stress, anger, loneliness and anxiety.

  1. Diet rehabilitation

While people should ideally eat a healthy diet, it’s more important for heart attack survivors to adhere to a strict diet. If you go back to the usual fried chicken and chips, you are more likely to get another heart attack sooner than later. Cardiac physiologists and other professionals in your cardiac rehab will advise up and show you what you should be eating to maintain a heart healthy. The meal plans are easy to follow, and the food is tasty and healthy, making it easy for you to adhere to the diet.

  1. Medicinal rehabilitation

Taking the proper medication is only a small part of recovery after a heart problem. However, if you don’t follow the prescription to the letter, you may not recover well. It’s essential to be guided on how to take your medication, especially because some need to be taken after or before meals.

Cardiac rehab will not reverse what has already happened, but it will prevent another cardiac event. If you choose to do your cardiac rehab in a center or hospital, you will also enjoy the company of other people who are facing the same challenges as you.

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