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Iceni Magazine | May 11, 2021

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Five ways to fight lockdown flab (and win!)

fight the flab

For many of us, lockdown (all three of them, in fact) reduced the amount of activity in our lives whilst simultaneously increasing the stress.

As a result, you might be looking to fight that flab, returning to your previous figure. Here are five ways in which you could do just that. 

1. Add in activity

Now that you can get out and about with a lot more freedom, build up the amount of activity you have in your daily routine. Whether you choose to attend a fitness class or go for a brisk walk around the block, upping your activity levels will help you lose excess weight. It’s not that easy for everyone though, so if you find it difficult to get out of the house for whatever reason, try walking up and down the stairs ten times during the ad breaks or have a go at running a mile in the garden. Wherever you live and whatever your limitations, just doing something to raise your heart rate will make a difference.  

2. Waist trainer 

If you’ve ever lost weight but simply cannot seem to regain the waist you once had, a waist trainer may well be the answer to your prayers. They give you an instantly slimmer figure and can help shape your waist post-pregnancy or while losing weight. Many celebrities swear by them, and the price tag is very reasonable considering the huge difference they can make.  

3. Make simple food swaps 

Of course, everyone is aware that increased fitness helps people to lose weight, but the food we put in our mouths has the greatest impact. Making some simple food swaps can have a positive effect and help you meet your goals more quickly. If you are a big fan of cheese, choose a mature cheddar and use a smaller quantity. Likewise, swap the minced beef you use for a lower fat percentage or even turkey mince. By reducing the amount of fat and number of calories you have in a day, you will soon start to see improvements. 

4. Change the way you work 

Our work habits can affect our overall health and wellbeing. If we have a sedentary attitude to work, the chances are that we fall into bad habits. Using a standing desk, you can ensure that you move more regularly. You can even buy desks which have built-in exercise bikes, allowing you to regain some sort of fitness despite being fairly static. If you have returned to your workplace, take the stairs instead of the lift. Aim to take the screen breaks and walk around, even if it’s just up and down a corridor a few times.  

5. Set realistic targets 

It is easy to become demotivated quite quickly when we do not see huge improvements immediately. On reflection, it should be obvious that nothing comes easily, but when we don’t meet our goals, it can deflate us. Instead of thinking about the final result, set smaller, manageable targets and track them regularly. Furthermore, rather than relying solely on the numbers on the scales, try taking your measurements and watch the decrease in centimetres or inches. 

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