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Iceni Magazine | July 3, 2022

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Superfood Indulgence!

Creative natures mouth-watering range bars and mixes are made from 100% natural, 100% organic and raw ingredients!

Whether you are at work or out with the family or friends the superfood goodness provided in these products are just what you need to refuel on a hectic day. 

So why should you choose the Creative Nature products? Well where do we begin manufactured in the UK, packed full of nutritional goodness these bars and mixes are also gluten, dairy, nut, soya and wheat free leaving the natural refreshing flavour of 100% natural, 100% organic and raw ingredients.

At Creative Nature headquarters for them it is all about giving the customer what they deserve –  ingredients of the highest quality, which is both a delicious but affordable and doesn’t compromise their health, as far too often the healthier option can be seen as the less delicious one. Something which Creative Nature are here to break down because of the stigma attached to healthy foods.

The snack bars come with no added sugar, syrup, preservatives or sweeteners, and is 1 of your 5 a day with only 121 calories in each bar and certified for vegan and vegetarian it is perfect for everyone. They are compact nature and are ideal for on the go perfect to slip into your bag or lunch box and away you go. Peel back the wrapper and enjoy the great taste.


Creative Nature Snack Bars are available in a range of flavours including; Raw Cacao, Ginger & Barley, Peanut & Pea, Goji Berry. Get your hands on a super food snack bar variety pack of 20 for just £19.80 from Creative Nature.

The Brownie mixes are the UK’s first ever Organic, Allergen Free, Refined Sugar Free, Superfood Home Baking Brownie Mixes. There is no other brownie mix like this, anywhere! So if you can’t eat gluten, dairy, nuts, soya, coconut, sweeteners, refined sugars or non-organic products, then this mix is for you! It even has a vegan recipe on pack for all vegans who want to indulge in chocolate brownies.


The Chia & Cacao Brownie Mix costs £5.49 from Creative Nature. 

While these products might not give you super powers, the superfoods in these products help to promote a balanced diet, to feel happy about yourself both inside and out, living to the maximum! 

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