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Iceni Magazine | August 16, 2022

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Allergen Free Snacks

With 1 in every 50 people suffering from Food Allergies a UK brand has developed a ranges that are allergen free.

Allergies differ in severity but MD Julianne Ponan of Creative Nature has found a solution, making healthy, notorious and allergen free selections in Creative Natures ever expanding Range.

(Julianne Ponan, MD Creative Nature)

Julianne says “I suffer from anaphylaxis to a number of foods including peanuts, tree nuts, seeds and certain additives, making healthy snacking quite a challenge! Most ‘healthy’ snack bars use a base of dates and cashews/almonds, whilst others add coconut oil or coconut sugar and some even add syrups like agave and nasty additives. This is why I designed the Creative Nature range to cater for people with all allergens. Our snack bar range has 3 nut free bars, our baking mixes are allergen free and there are no nasty additives in any of the products! Here are my reasons why allergen free snacking is so important:

1.      You can take them to more places! Peanut and Tree Nut allergies are often airborne, meaning sufferers can be effected even if someone a few seats away is eating nuts. This is why schools and some airlines have now banned nut based snacks, because of the dangers they pose to people like me, who will stop breathing when exposed to nuts! So, have a nut-free snack like our Goji Goodness bar and enjoy it anywhere you like.

2.      Allergies take many forms and can develop later in life. My partner has developed an allergy to sulphites and comes out with a nasty rash when products contain high levels of sulphites. A lot of dried fruit snacks have sulphur dioxide added at source to preserve the product, so when choosing ingredients for Creative Nature’s snack bars, I had to make sure I was buying low sulphite or sulphite free products. Unfortunately, some companies try to play down the sulphite content in order to make a quick sale.

3.      Coeliacs need tasty food too! For a long time now, gluten free and dairy free foods have focused too much on the ‘free from’ part of the product and not enough on the taste element. To counter this, companies decided to put in so many unpronounceable ingredients, their ‘healthy’ products are just as bad as a processed chocolate bar! Gluten and Dairy free foods are so important to those with serious reactions or intolerances, they should be able to enjoy tasty products without the additives, which is why the Creative Nature snack bar range is 100% gluten and dairy free, with 3 of the 4 bars winning Great Taste Gold Stars.

4.      Think of those around you. Whilst you may not suffer from certain allergies, they are a large percentage of people who do, and a lot of the time allergies can be triggered by touching someone who’s been handling the product. Often, at bars and parties, there are nuts openly displayed in bowls with people shoving their hands in (incredibly unhygienic by the way!) then shaking hands with everyone else, passing the allergies around the party for people like me to then get an allergy.

To see Creative Nature’s range, recipe ideas and more visit Creative Nature

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