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Iceni Magazine | July 3, 2020

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Mr. Motivator

Mr. Motivator

Having trouble keeping up with your New Year’s exercise routine? At Josh Mann Fitness it is my duty to ensure that you keep up your original motivation.

Here are 5 great tips that will encourage you to stay motivated.

1. Set Small, Clear Goals

If you have set the bar too high by setting goals that are too tough to reach, you’re setting yourself up to be disappointed. Set smaller, more manageable goals and work your way towards the bigger aspirations.


2. Workout with a Friend (or even me)

Having someone to work out with makes it much more fun, and will keep you more motivated. Exercising with a friend makes it much harder for you to skip your workout, because they will be there to hold you accountable. Let them encourage and motivate you when you don’t feel like exercising, and do the same for them.


3. Make It Fun

Exercise doesn’t have to be boring or repetitive. If you don’t like your exercise routine, change it up and make it more exciting. Keep trying new exercises until you find something you enjoy doing. If your exercise routine is fun you will enjoy it more, instead of dreading it.


4. Don’t Take It Too Seriously

If you start treating exercise like hard work, that’s exactly what it will become. Make your exercises light, fun and exciting rather than looking at it as a chore you have to do. Be flexible and let yourself have fun. Eventually, you will realise that you’re actually enjoying working out, and before you know it, you will be looking forward to exercising.


5. Reward Yourself

Don’t be afraid to offer yourself rewards for any small achievements. Just remember that if you’re working out to lose weight, don’t reward yourself with food!

Josh Mann Fitness offers a range of health, fitness and nutritional services to help you achieve your goals.


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