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Iceni Magazine | September 26, 2021

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5 Ways to Experience Athens’s Food Like a Local

5 Ways to Experience Athens's Food Like a Local

Eating well in Greece is a reality, and in its capital it was not going to be any less true!

There are many ways to experience Athens’s cuisine like a local, such as by taking a gastronomic tour through its neighbourhoods. However, it all depends on the type of food you want to try. The way to experience it will vary based on what delicacy you’re looking for. Thus today we give you some recommendations on the places to eat in Athens to have an unforgettable traditional dining experience!

We always try to keep several restaurants noted down so as not to screw up with meals and be safe when lunch time is approaching, and on this trip through Athens, even more so.

We were fascinated by Greek food and it has become one of our favourites! By opting for a personalised tour you won’t need to check out blogs and magazines – Greek TravelTellers will make it easy for you.

You cannot miss trying the best known dish, the moussaka. But we also recommend you improvise, ask the waiter for advice and try other dishes, we are sure you will not regret it! Today we start with the places to eat in Athens, here we go!

  1. Where to eat the best gyros in Athens

We do not know if it will be the best in Athens but it was the best meal of our entire trip to Greece and deserved the top spot in this list of places to eat in Athens. It was at Greco’s Project, it is located in the lively Monastiraki square (one of the places where we recommend you stay in Athens), they attended us very quickly and we were struck by the automatic machine they have to cut the gyros.

You find them wrapped in pita bread or as in this case, served on a plate. We tried the pork and chicken gyros (about € 10 each dish) and we would not know which of the two was better. In addition the portions are very generous.

  1. Where to eat moussaka in Athens

In the Plaka neighborhood and in the middle of the lively Adrianou Street there’s a traditional Greek restaurant with amazing moussaka. After reading the good reviews on TripAdvisor we did not hesitate to go to dinner and we were right! It is a very good option to taste the moussaka and other typical Greek dishes; we tried the moussaka and the souvlaki (meat skewers). They were all great! Also very well priced, the mousaka did not reach € 10, just like souvlakis. A very economical place to eat in Athens!

Mousaka is a kind of Greek lasagna, but to make the layers instead of pasta they use eggplant, it’s very good delicious.

  1. MS Roof garden – To have a drink with the best views of Athens

If you want unforgettable views of Athens, it would be best to enjoy one of your meals in this terrace, with Monastiraki Square and the Acropolis in the background. Rooftop bars and restaurants are actually very popular in Athens and it’s easy to see why. The MS Roof garden was a discovery, we had coffee but you can also go for lunch or dinner. The place is not the cheapest, each coffee cost about € 4.5, but with the views it is well deserved to pay a little more!

  1. Novagea – Perfect for trying Greek yogurt in Athens

Located very close to the entrance to the Acropolis is this cool place to try Greek yogurt. You can add any fruit or toppings you want, it was great!

You can also make a juice with the fruits you choose and they prepare it for you at the moment. It’s very natural and very representative of Greek cuisine. Do not miss it!

  1. Where to eat a good Greek dessert in Athens – Lukumades

The Greek food is very good, but their desserts and sweets are even more mouth-watering. If you want to taste lukumades, one of the most famous typical Greek desserts and also prepared in all its forms, do not forget to go to this place. The lukumades are a kind of very good Greek fritters, usually covered with chocolate syrup or honey.

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