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Iceni Magazine | August 18, 2022

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Legal cannabis seeds in Europe: what are the benefits of these new “super seeds”?

Legal cannabis seeds in Europe

In the family of super seeds, hemp seeds are the least known and the most intriguing presentation of this new star of healthy recipes.

Hemp is one of the oldest plants cultivated by man. The fibres of its stems were used to make clothes, sails, ropes, paper… Its cultivation was highly developed in Europe in the 19th century. But the arrival of other materials (cotton, nylon, etc.) caused its production to drop, while the regulations on cannabis (a variety of hemp with psychotropic effects) somewhat tarnished its image. Even one of the methods of manufacture, using ethanol extraction, is much debated, bringing the substance to the forefront once more.

Besides, you can also legally order marijuana seeds online at, which is one of the best feminized seeds shops. Unfortunately, you cannot grow a lot of plants from these seeds in the UK. So the cannabis you will legally buy online is only collectables!

But let’s go back to hemp seeds and their benefits … With their delicious nutty taste, they are consumed for their content of essential fatty acids with an ideal ratio of omega-3/omega-6 and their high content of complete proteins dietary fibres.

Buying cannabis seeds: is it legal?

The consumption and possession of cannabis is illegal in most European countries. Unless you have a prescription and the marijuana is used as medicine.

But what about hemp seeds? They are actually legal!

Hemp is not just hemp. There are countless different hemp and cannabis seed varieties. Not all cannabis seeds are intended for cultivation as a drug.

In addition to drug hemp, there is also hemp, which is used as power food or animal feed. Owning the latter seeds is not a problem. But there are also interesting facts about the seeds of the recreational drug.

Is buying cannabis seeds legal?

The legalization of cannabis continues to advance. It is now legal to consume cannabis on prescription. And the cultivation of hemp plants is now also permitted – but only with a special permit.

But what about buying or owning cannabis seeds?

In many other EU countries, the possession of cannabis seeds is permitted, as these do not contain any significant THC content on their own. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC for short, is the psychoactive substance that causes intoxication. Germany is the only country in the EU where the possession of viable cannabis seeds is not legal. But that could change very soon.

Hemp seeds: what are they?

Hemp seeds are derived from the Cannabis sativa plant, also called hemp seed, marijuana plant or cannabis plant, consumed as food for its nutritional richness, health benefits, and delicious flavour.

They have a delightful taste, reminiscent of hazelnuts, sesame seeds, or pumpkin seeds. The ones on sale here are shelled hemp seeds, also called “peeled”, that is to say, that the skin of the seeds has been removed to leave only the white flesh inside the seed.

It should be noted that hemp seeds, like our hemp leaf infusion, are not concentrated in THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the most abundant cannabinoid in cannabis, giving it its psychoactive properties on the psyche. It is, therefore, simple food without psychotropic effects.

Hemp as a dietary supplement?

“Hemp” is still associated with illegal drugs and criminal drug gangs. After all, most people are aware that consuming parts of the female hemp plant is intoxicating. And indeed, the parts of female hemp plants (Cannabis sativa in particular) are still abused as an intoxicant. This is particularly problematic when vehicles are being driven under the influence of the intoxicant.

Accordingly, many people interested in cultivation are not concerned with illegal highs. Instead, they want to secure the many health benefits of industrial hemp. This type of hemp does not require any intoxicating THC—but at the same time has favourable properties and is versatile.

Hemp seeds as medicine

While a lot is already known in research about the pharmacologically active components of cannabis, little is known about the effects of hemp seeds—especially hemp. However, it is known that hemp seeds, both pressed and unpressed, have already been used in Islamic medicine and have also found their way into European monastic medicine.

Some studies show that tiny grains are also suitable for treating acute joint inflammation. For example, in one of the studies, people who consumed hemp seeds during the treatment period experienced less pain than the control group. The foci of inflammation also subsided more quickly over time.

The practical effect of hemp seeds has also been proven for allergic rashes and skin diseases. For example, patients with neurodermatitis had comparatively fewer symptoms when they ate hemp seeds.

On the one hand, the seeds act as an anti-inflammatory. On the other hand, the high density of vital substances and nutrients positively affects the entire complexion.

This is because the ingredients in hemp seeds can regenerate cells in a targeted manner and thus make an essential contribution to the regeneration of individual areas of the skin.

Hemp seeds effects

Consuming the seeds prevents civilization diseases of the modern western world. Regular consumption of even small amounts

of hemp seeds has positive effects over a few weeks. Hemp seeds improve blood circulation and support circulatory disorders, for example, in diabetes mellitus but also in men with erectile dysfunction.

Hemp seeds strengthen the immune system. They can significantly minimize inflammatory processes, normalize cholesterol levels and thus reduce the risk of stroke or heart attack. In addition, they support more effective muscle building and therefore have a vitality-enhancing effect.

The regular consumption of hemp seeds also supplies the scalp blood and thickens the natural hair structure. As a result, hair loss and unpleasant dandruff can be effectively counteracted.

Hemp seeds are lactose- and gluten-free, and there are no known allergic reactions to the hemp protein itself. However, allergic reactions are possible, albeit rare, in patients with cannabis allergies.

And if you also want to collect marijuana seeds, you can legally find the best cannabis online at and get them delivered to your home in no time.


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