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Iceni Magazine | July 3, 2022

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5 Home Remedies for Managing Anxiety

Home Remedies for Managing Anxiety

Anxiety is no fun for anybody. It affects how you work, sleep, and socialise, often preventing you from doing the activities you usually enjoy.

While it’s best to see a doctor or counsellor if anxiety affects your day-to-day life, it’s still helpful to know some easy ways to manage it from home, so read on for five of the best. 

1: CBD Oil 

CBD is derived from the marijuana plant, but due to the absence of THC, it doesn’t give you the high effects associated with cannabis. What you do get, however, is help with anxiety, pain, and insomnia. For those who lay awake with intrusive thoughts or struggle to interact with others, CBD can potentially make a world of difference. If you’re interested in trying it out to see if it helps your anxiety, offers pure CBD in a variety of forms, including oils and capsules.  The use of rosin chips in edibles is also on the rise as another way of easing anxiety with clever extractors now holding on to those seemingly useless chips and repurposing them.

2: Exercise

Another way to manage anxiety is to incorporate more exercise into your daily life. Not only does engaging in a focused activity help keep your anxious thoughts at bay, but endorphins released during a workout also help to lift your mood. 

If you are new to exercise, there is no need to jump into the deep end, as this could negatively impact your physical health. Instead, opt for simple home workouts or join your local gym and ask an instructor for beginner’s workout ideas. The important part is getting your heart pumping. 

3: Essential-Oil Infused Bath 

There are plenty of essential oils that help relax you, so the next time you feel overly stressed or anxious, splash a few drops into a warm bath and let the scents relax your over-active brain. Lavender, bergamot, peppermint, and rose are some of the best essential oils for this purpose.

4: Meditation

For thousands of years, meditation has helped humans gain self-awareness and reduce negative emotions. By incorporating even just ten minutes of meditation into your day, you’ll find yourself far more at ease and able to look at situations from a fresh, more positive perspective. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a meditation master to reap its benefits. With the help of your smartphone, you can easily find meditation videos that’ll guide you through the more difficult parts. 

5: A Creative Pursuit 

While it is good to deal with problems head-on, if anxiety is causing you to over-think, it can actually be better to distract your mind. With a creative pursuit, not only will you pull yourself away from the negative thoughts, but you’ll also give yourself a chance to work through the root cause in a healthy manner. Whether you’re a painter, writer, sculptor, or musician, you can use your anxiety to fuel your creativity. 

If you ever find that stress or anxiety is taking over your thoughts, use one of these five home remedies to help settle your mind. While none are an instant cure, having multiple ways to manage your anxiety will make it easier to get through each day without feeling overwhelmed.

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