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Iceni Magazine | August 18, 2022

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Gardening on a Shoestring- Tips on How to Save

Gardening on a Shoestring- Tips on How to Save

For many people, gardening seems like an expensive hobby that’s going to cost and arm and a leg to get into.

From expensive pieces of equipment to pricey plants, there are some very expensive gardening supplies available on the market today. But this shouldn’t be a reason for you to not get stuck in and make the most of your garden, because gardening really can be done on a shoestring! Here are our top tips on how you can save money whilst transforming your garden into a space you feel proud of.

Start at the Beginning

Like most things, gardening is much easier to master when you start from the beginning. Whilst you can invest loads into seedlings that will grow quickly and efficiently, you can do just the same by purchasing seeds and planting them from scratch. Whilst you may have to do this a little earlier to ensure they’re growing strong in time for the growing season, you’ll be able to save a significant amount from this simple step, so it’s worth putting it into action.

Gardening on a Shoestring

Image Credit: Two Wests

Try to Upcycle

There are so many things that get used every day in the garden that after one use people throw away and purchase again a few weeks down the line, which is a huge waste of money! Upcycling is the answer to so many money issues when it comes to gardening, from upcycling your planters and pots, to repurposing wooden pallets. The possibilities really are endless. You’ll also find that upcycling helps to add a touch of character to your garden too, as often used planters can look quirky and unique compared to those that are freshly varnished without a single speck of soil on them whatsoever.

Gardening on a Shoestring

Image Credit: Garden Happy

Grow Your Veggies

Being able to grow your own vegetables and herbs in the comfort of your own garden is amazing. You can guarantee your dinners are going to become that bit more delicious and you’ll be saving money at the same time. One of the most frustrating things about spending money on herbs at the supermarket is the short shelf life that they come with. When you have your own herbs growing in your garden, you can pick them as and when you need, without having to let anything go to waste

Gardening on a Shoestring

Image Credit: Garden Lovers Club

Bulk Buy

It’s no secret that you can save a lot of money when buying in bulk and when it comes to gardening, there are quite a few opportunities to do this. One of the easiest ways to save through bulk buying is to bulk buy your soil. Soil is something you’ll go through a lot and having lots of it to hand is extremely useful. Similarly, buy bulk buying your soil you can save huge amounts over the growing season, so look around for the best price and stock up when you get the chance too.


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