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Iceni Magazine | July 8, 2020

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Kneipp | The Number One Holistic Bath And Body Care Brand

Kneipp | The Number One Holistic Bath And Body Care Brand

Founded in 1891 by Sebastian Kneipp, Kneipp offers an extensive range of natural body, bath and skin products. That will not only invigorate and brighten your skin, but will also lift your mood too.

These include bath salts, bath tablets, body washes, massage oil, skin firming products, face masks, foot care and gift sets, all of which guarantee luxurious relaxation at an affordable price point.

The award-winning holistic products are all based on Kneipp’s philosophy that nature has provided us generously with everything we need to remain in good health. The five pillars of his philosophy are water, nutrition, exercise, plants and balance. Kneipp is produced from the purest natural herbs and plant-based ingredients that nature has to offer and these can be stimulating or calming and are designed to provide a general sense of wellbeing, muscle relaxation, stimulation of the metabolism, activation of the immune system and improved circulation.

Kneipp | The Number One Holistic Bath And Body Care Brand

Products include:

Mineral Bath Salt Crystals: The award-winning bath salts are formulated with the purest natural plants and herbs, to clear the mind and soothe the body. Products are free from parabens and chemical additives.

Skin Firming: The innovative Skin Firming range contains a unique blend of high-quality grapeseed oil known for its firming properties and sandalwood fruit to help prevent skin aging.

Body Washes: Each body wash has been specifically formulated to bring the benefits of herbal bathing to shower lovers. When combined with water they will gently condition the skin and infuse the air with powerful scents to help clear and soothe the mind.

Sparkling Bath Tablets: Kneipp’s Sparkling Bath Tablets are the perfect way to revive after a long day – when activated by warm water, the essentials oils will gently dissolve to relax the body and mind.

Herbal Baths: Bathe away your daily stress, strain and fatigue with the highly concentrated essential oils in the Herbal Bath Range.

Massage Oil: Kneipp’s body massage range are high in essential oils and vitamins to help smooth and firm the skin, relieve tired muscles and aching joints and soothe the senses. The light formula leaves skin soft not greasy.

Face  Masks:  Kneipp’s peel off  and cream face masks revitalise, soften, soothe  and hydrate the skin to guarantee a glowing and radiant complexion.

All of the above are sourced from a variety of plant-based ingredients and are specifically formulated to either ‘soothe and comfort’, ‘refresh and energise’, or are for ‘muscle care and recovery’ or ‘skin care’. Bestsellers include their Bath Salts, Arnica Collection (for muscle care and recovery) and Deep Sleep range (to soothe and comfort).

Autumn / Winter 2018 is set to be an even bigger and better season for Kneipp. They launch in in over 1,800 Lloyds Pharmacy stores nationwide. The continued growth and expansion plan for Kneipp sit perfectly in line with the increasing demand for cruelty free and vegan products in the bath and skincare sector. Their recent surge in popularity isn’t a surprise given the current rise in the need for self-love and great sleep. Buying products for oneself as well as gifts for others, it’s a trend that is rightfully here to stay.

The full Kneipp range is available at Amazon, Holland & Barrett, Lloyds Pharmacy and independent pharmacies nationwide from £1.95 | @KneippUK


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