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Iceni Magazine | April 2, 2020

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Testing Your Unique Genetic Profile To Create Personalised Health & Wellbeing Plans

Testing Your Unique Genetic Profile To Create Personalised Health & Wellbeing Plans

Genetic nutritionist Kate Llewellyn-Waters is delighted to announce the launch of the DNA Plan – a unique range of five DNA tests carefully crafted from extensive research in to genes to create entirely personalised plans to help improve weight management, emotional wellbeing, fitness, nutrition, and skin health.

The DNA Plan couldn’t be easier. Each test is completed at home via a simple 30-second mouth swab and the results are sent to the lab for a detailed analysis. You will then receive a full report of findings and are offered practical advice that optimises your genetic potential and educates what you can amend to better your health, lifestyle and overall performance.

Testing Your Unique Genetic Profile To Create Personalised Health & Wellbeing Plans

The DNA Plan is the brainchild of genetic nutritionist Kate Llewellyn-Waters, who also founded the world’s first intermittent fasting weight management programme based on your unique DNA results – the What IF Plan. Kate is an expert in nutrigenomics with over 12 years of nutrition experience and has a team of several other MSc. qualified nutritionists and leading scientific advisors on board. These include Leading international genetics experts, Dr Korkut Ulucan and Dr Mohammad Abdullah.

The five tests in which the DNA Plan offer are:

Weight Management and Nutrition DNA Test (£349): This test studies the 32 genes linked to weight management/health and offers a 60-minute consultation with a qualified nutritionist to discuss your results.It also includes recipe suggestions and unlimited email support and can be used to determine genetic risk of gluten intolerance and CoeliacDisease.

Anti-ageing for Skin DNA Test (£249): This examines 27 genes related to skin health and areas such as susceptibility to glycation and advanced glycation end products (AGEs), which are linked to fine lines and wrinkles formation. It also studies collagen and skin elasticity to understand how to improve production of collagen to maintain younger and more healthy skin.

EmotionalWellbeingDNATest(£199):This test looks at the 16 genes associated with emotional wellbeing and positive performance at work including what your genetic predisposition is to stress,anxiety and depression.

Fitness Nutrition DNA Test(£119): The DNA Plan looks at the 16 main genes associated with fitness and nutrition. Athletic success is based on numerous factors – firstly via personalising a training strategy that optimises your genetic potential, and secondly from choosing the right nutrition, lifestyle and environmental interactions to optimally express your inherited genes.

FitnessNutritionAdvancedDNATest(£149): This investigates the 27 genes associated with fitness and nutrition and examines various biological areas that impact training responsiveness and sporting performance. These include soft tissue remodelling, inflammation, blood flow and respiration, energy production and fuel metabolism.

Kate Llewellyn-Waters, Founder of the DNA Plan comments:

‘I am absolutely thrilled to be launching the DNAPlan following years of research – we have a fantastic team of scientists and DNA, fitness and nutrition experts. When launching the What IF Plan, I wanted to create a weight management programme to help those who wanted to improve their health, boost theirenergy and learn to love their bodies again having had no luck with all previous diets they hadtried.

Less than a year from launching the What IF Plan, hundreds of success stories later and after years of analysing further scientific research, I wanted to expand our DNA testing so that people can better understand their bodies and how they work. In doing so we can make specific recommendations so our clients can achieve both physical and mental wellbeing and lead a healthier and happierlife.’

The full DNA Plan range is available at

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