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Iceni Magazine | October 17, 2021

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How To Manufacture Products With The Utmost Precision

How To Manufacture Products

If you want to manufacture products that people will consistently buy over and over again, they need to be precise.

What this means is that every element of the design and manufacturing process must come together perfectly. There should be no minor errors in the production, and every product should look the same.

So, how do you achieve precision in manufacturing? There are some different ideas you can take on board, some of which might be more relevant to your business than others.

Computer-generated designs

This is something we see in both big and small manufacturing businesses. The idea is that you generate designs via computer programs, then use these designs to produce the product. Depending on what manufacturing processes you use, the digital design is downloaded to a machine that’s programmed to produce it. This can be via 3D printing, CNC laser cutting, and so on. By using a computer, you guarantee that the product comes out exactly the same every time. Some people use this process to create entire products – particularly with 3D printing – while others will use it to manufacture separate parts, which can then be put together by other means.

Assistive components

Let’s say you are manufacturing something that requires the use of drilling or cutting holes. You’re a small business, so everything is done by hand. How can you guarantee that you’ll always drill in the right place and achieve the right level of consistency? Well, there are specialist component engineers that can create things like drill runners that let you set your equipment in one place to drill in the same location over and over again. Effectively, these are assistive components that help you guide manual machinery or equipment. If you make things by hand, this is essential to achieve the utmost precision in every product.

Programmable equipment

If you operate a large manufacturing business and need to produce mass amounts of products daily, your best option is to find programmable equipment/machines. This typically means robotic devices that can be programmed to perform the same tasks over and over again. We see this in car manufacturing all the time, with robot arms performing tasks with more precision than a human ever could. The concept is that your equipment is programmed to do something, and it will do it without needing any monitoring.

You may be wondering, how does this differ from computer-generated designs? Well, the key difference is that with this idea, you have machines that are programmed to do a specific task and nothing else. With computer-generated designs, you frequently change the design and the machine can alter what it does to achieve that design.

In conclusion, you’ve got three different approaches for achieving precision in manufacturing. Each of these approaches might be suitable for specific businesses of different sizes. Smaller companies may benefit more from the first two, while large-scale manufacturing companies will find the third one more useful than the second. It’s all about surveying your options, managing you budget, and finding out which method works best for you.

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