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Iceni Magazine | June 25, 2024

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5 ways to improve your commercial property

5 ways to improve your commercial property

After many of us have spent months working from home, it has been a welcome relief to return to some normality by returning to the office and seeing the familiar faces of our colleagues.

For business owners and senior managers, it has proved a somewhat challenging time to ensure that workforces stay safe, but the focus on this has meant that many are looking at their office spaces overall. It is widely believed that a good and healthy working environment will improve employee satisfaction and can significantly increase productivity. So if you are still considering whether to go ahead, it’s time to take the plunge with one of these 5 ways to improve your commercial property:

1.  Update keyspaces

There are certain areas within an office that make a statement, your reception area being one and the board room being another. So if you want a very quick way to improve your commercial space, have some new boardroom furniture put in. This is one of the most important rooms your guests and employees will notice and as such, should look the part with the right pieces in it. You’ll make the right impact on whoever sets foot inside then!

2.  Provide a comfortable working environment for staff

No, we don’t mean sofas and bean bags for everyone to relax on! What we mean by this is ergonomic seating, posture seating and height-adjustable sit stand desks. Your employees spend such a long time at their desks that it is important they don’t experience health problems from being their too long. Providing the right type of seated/standing environment will be key to reducing pains and keeping them healthy. This not only helps them enjoy the working day more but can reduce your sick leave too as people are not having too many problems to come into the office.

3.  Provide additional facilities

The addition of a few extra items can make all the difference to employees. Do you have enough fridges, for instance? Do you provide cutlery and crockery, and is there enough of it? Is there a dishwasher and if not, would it help the kitchen area? Perhaps consider adding some vending machines in too so that staff can get a little treat or even a healthy snack to get them through the days if needed.

4.  Provide the right technology

Technology issues can cause huge frustrations for staff and can result in an awful lot of wasted time too. Ensure that the computers you provide are up to scratch performance-wise for the tasks at hand and also make sure your networks and WiFi can handle it.

5.  Spruce up of general spaces

One of the quickest and easiest ways to totally change the appearance of a commercial property is with fresh paint and a deep clean. Furthermore, simply connecting with a company that offers extensive brick cleaning can help restore your workplace to its original luster. If rubbish has piled up in places, have a declutter too, and you will be amazed at the impact it can have on the appearance and the mindset of employees. Heading to a nice office space can really improve your work ethic and desire to be there.

Going to a nice place of work can be extremely positive on the employees of a business and their output. So don’t underestimate and employ some of these changes sooner rather than later!

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