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Iceni Magazine | July 2, 2022

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GoGoDiscover… on the hunt for the elusive T.Rex

GoGoDiscover… on the hunt for the elusive T.Rex

Stored in captivity for months now, today has seen 21 T.Rexes released into the wild on the streets (and a few inside buildings) of Norwich. Our mission was to track them all down, and we were pretty much successful.

Here we share our findings:


Number 1 – Prideasaurus

Location: The Forum (outside)

Description: Standing majestic and proud on its plinth outside the Forum, Pridesaurus is a stunning rainbow-coloured creation, glistening beautifully when the sun shines down on it.

Sponsor: Norwich BID

Artist: Martin Wall

(2) B-Rex

Number 2 – B-Rex

Location: Theatre Street (outside the Forum)

Description: B-Rex features the creatures we need to focus on most at the moment: bees. With honeycomb hexagons enveloping its head and tail, bees on its chest and wildflowers covering its feet, passers-by will certainly make a beeline for this sculpture.

Sponsor: The Beeston Group

Artist: Illona Clark


Number 3 – T.Pot

Location: Chantry Place Square

Description: You won’t have any trouble ‘spotting’ this prehistoric beast, for it is red all over with large white dots. Taking his inspiration from the famous British afternoon tea, the design replicates a popular teapot design.

Sponsor: Brandbank Community Fund

Artist: Deven Bhurke

Number 4 – Afternoon Tea-Rex

Location: Dining terrace – Chantry Place

Description: Another design paying homage to a tasty afternoon tea, this T.Rex is putting its tiny arms to good use by carrying a tray of treats. It also demonstrates superb balance by donning a three-tiered cake stand, complete with treats, on its head.

Sponsor: Chantry Place

Artist: Mik Richardson


Number 5 – T-Wrecks

Location: Chantry Place (ground floor) – Restricted times, please check venue website for details.

Description: Encased in a glass cabinet, T-Wrecks is secure for its own safety and that of any visitors to Chantry Place. There is even a notice on the glass warning that it might bite but judging by the bits of metal poking out from its spine and tail, it could do even more damage with the rest of its body, too.

Sponsor: Dolphin Autos, Norwich

Artist: Ross White


Number 6 – Hawker

Location: All Saints Green

Description: Inspired by hawker dragonflies, this T.Rex is covered in stunningly intricate reflections of nature. Hawker is a real flora and fauna design with a range of elements from the dragonfly’s habitat.

Sponsor: Cooks Blinds & Shutters

Artist: Lisa Kirkham


Number 7 – Doctasaurus

Location: All Saints Green

Description: Donning a white coat, carrying a stethoscope, antibacterial gel and a disposable mask, and bearing a thank you rainbow, Doctasaurus is a culmination of things to remind everyone of the gratitude paid by many to the NHS for their amazingly selfless work during the pandemic.

Sponsor: Contract Personnel Limited

Artist: Hilary Sanderson


Number 8 – Hulkasaurus

Location: Haymarket

Description: Imagine crossing everyone’s favourite green Marvel character with a prehistoric creature and Hulkasaurus is what you’d end up with. This playful sculpture even features the Hulk’s trademark ripped purple shorts.

Sponsor: Ashtons Legal

Artist: Hilary Sanderson

Number 9 – 60 Million Years

Location: Orford Hill

Description: Another T.Rex with a superpower, though this one will only be obvious if you visit once the sun has gone down. 60 Million Years has two distinctive sides: one mechanical and one skeletal, both offering superb detail (although we are a little biased on this one, of course!).

Sponsor: Friends of Iceni Collective

Artist: Mik Richardson


Number 10 – Tigrasaurus

Location: Inside Castle Quarter (Level 2 Castle Meadow entrance) –
Restricted times, please check venue website for details.

Description: T.Rexes don’t come much sparklier than Tigrasaurus who is covered from head to tail in acrylic crystals. Designed to stand out from the crowd, it certain achieves its ambitions.

Sponsor: Chilled Driving Tuition

Artist: Tory Allen


Number 11 – SNAP!

Location: Inside Castle Quarter (Level 1) near Pure Gym –
Restricted times, please check venue website for details.

Description: Inspired by the famous Norwich Snap Dragons, the focal point of many parades through Norwich from the 15th century until the 1950s, SNAP! is certainly eye-catching. Its I heart Norwich t-shirt is a lovely touch, too.

Sponsor: Castle Quarter

Artist: Sophie Li-Rocchi

Dino Hunter

Number 12 – Dino Hunter

Location: Davey Place

Description: From a supply of Colman’s mustard and a bar of Caley’s chocolate to a Dino Guide, Dino Hunter is colourfully covered with the necessary equipment to track down the remaining 20 T.Rexes around Norwich.

Sponsor: First Eastern Counties Buses

Artist: Sophie Li-Rocchi

Lava Land

Number 13 – Lava Land

Location: London Street

Description: Taking its inspiration from the magical and often difficult-to-understand natural phenomenon of volcanic eruptions, Lava Land also features the questionable meteor that may have sparked the end for the rein of the dinosaurs on planet Earth. From the darkness of space to the fiery, earthy tones of molten lava, this T.Rex stands stunningly on its plinth.

Sponsor: Dipples

Artist: Hannah Nelson

Credit: Sally Adams

Number 14 – Rex*

Location: Inside Jarrold (Floor 3) – Restricted times, please check venue website for details.

Description: When we hear Rex, we either think of a dog from the ’80s or assume that someone has missed off the T from a dino name. Well, this T.Rex sculpture incorporates both.

Sponsor: Jarrold

Artist: Sally Adams

The Junkasaurus Rex

Number 15 – The Junkasaurus Rex

Location: Junkyard Market, St Marys Works

Description: Reflecting the Junkyard Market’s ethos of minimising the amount of waste that goes to landfill by reusing as much as possible, this T.Rex is made from a range of upcycled items.

Sponsor: Junkyard Market

Artist: Junkyard Market Crew

Do you think they saurus?

Number 16 – Do you think they saurus?

Location: St Georges Street, Near Friars Quay

Description: A camouflage creation, Do you think they saurus? is a clever design, using a variety of dinosaurs to create the famous splodged design.

Sponsor: Lanpro

Artist: Fiona Gowen

Eyela the T.spex

Number 17 – Eyela the T.spex

Location: Fye Bridge

Description: One of our favourites, Eyela the T.spex incorporates a wide variety of items linked to sponsor, Coleman Opticians, including running (the Coltishall Jaguars) and books. The more you look, the more you see, which is why this sculpture is so popular and can be visited time and time again.

Sponsor: Coleman Opticians

Artist: Beverley Gene Coraljean


Number 18 – Automotosaurus

Location: Bishop Bridge

Description: Automotosaurus features a combination of aspects linked to cars, robots, metal and the Transformers. Almost knight-like in its appearance, the colours silver, black, red and orange feature heavily.

Sponsor: Wilco Fast-Fit

Artist: Joanne Botterill

Where's Rexy

Number 19 – Where’s Rexy?

Location: Riverside, Wherry Road

Description: Standing high within the Riverside Entertainment complex, Where’s Rexy?’s skin features a prehistoric scene with wonderfully simplistic dinosaurs in their natural habitat.

Sponsor: Riverside Entertainment

Artist: Ryan Newell

Lost Holmes

Number 20 – Lost Holmes

Location: Norwich Cathedral, Lower Close

Description: Another one of our favourites, Lost Holmes cleverly combines Sherlock Holmes and a T.Rex, with a trademark pipe hanging from its mouth and donning a green hat and jacket. Look more closely and you’ll spot quotes from Arthur Conan-Doyle’s classic, the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

Sponsor: Aspiration Europe

Artist: Sally Adams


Number 21 – Tyra-Norvy-Saurus

Location: Norwich Cathedral, Upper Close

Description: Inspired by the work of Henri Rousseau, Tyra-Norvy-Saurus is a creation filled with the natural world. Another one that you can spend such a long time staring at, taking in all the intricate details.

Sponsor: Norwich School

Artist: Norwich School

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