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Iceni Magazine | October 16, 2021

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Go Fish! A Short List of Fishing Gear to Get You Started

Short List of Fishing Gear to Get You Started

Fishing is one of the most relaxing outdoor activities that you can enjoy. You can do it as a solo activity, take the family along, or even participate in fishing sporting events!

No matter what your fishing ambitions are, the first thing you will need is a fishing kit. A list of gear will ensure you are equipped to catch the fish you want and enjoy your fishing to the maximum.

Most of what you need is similar on a base level, but you’ll need to purchase some specific items for different fish and water conditions.

Rod and Reel

A spinning reel is great for beginners and what most shops will recommend. If you have children with you, they might want to use a net with a reasonably long pole and a bucket first

A spinning reel is inexpensive and a great way to learn to fish. As a bonus, they are also easy to control, and spinning reels can be used from the shore, the wharf or a boat.

Spend some time with your rod and reel learning to cast. The better you can cast, the closer your bait will land to the fish that you want.


You can cut the hassle of having to do your line by buying pre-spooled reels. You will encounter two main options braid and monofilament. For beginners, monofilament is perfect.

Mono gives users the ability to tie knots well and is ideal for a spinning reel and rod set-up.

A mono line is also heavy enough to cast well.


There is a wide variety of tackle to choose from, including swivels, slips, hooks and sinkers. You should select the tackle to suits that type of fish you are trying to catch.


Come rain or shine; you want to be happy and comfortable as you fish. A few fold-out chairs is a must-have. Choose chairs that have drinks holders and rod holders. Those that are designed for fishing.

To have something protective, a trakker tempest brolly 100 is perfect. Designed for a heavy downpour, but with a range of extras available that can increase your weather protection.

If you are fishing early in the morning or late into the evening, a warm sleeping bag will help to keep you cosy while you wait to see the reel start spinning.

Are you thinking about extending your fishing trip for a few days and camping too? Check out our post: How a Camping Trip Can Benefit Your Health.


No matter where you are fishing, you will most likely be required to have a license. You can apply for permits for the day or longer ones that will last the season. It will also be necessary to check which fish you can catch and the rules for putting them back – or keeping them.

If you intend to fish as often as possible, it is good to invest in a year-long license; they are typically better value.

And the most accurate insider information about the best fishing spots will come from already seasoned fishers.

Check out local forums and tackle shops to get the information on the best places to go.


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