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Iceni Magazine | August 13, 2022

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Sporting Events to Come

Sporting Events to Come

Recent events have meant that many of us have missed out on our usual fix of sport.

Whether you’re a die-hard football fanatic who attends all matches, home and away, or you like nothing more than heading down to your local cricket pavilion to watch the games during the summer months, it is likely you have felt somewhat down about this year’s offerings. Fear not though as, despite things not being ‘normal’, there are many televised and in-person events to which you can look forward.


The word rugby combined with the countries England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Italy and France can only mean one thing: the Six Nations! With England being victors of the Six Nations in 2020, the 2021 tournament promises to be just as thrilling, with fans holding high hopes of another victory. Held in February and March, this competition could be the sporting start to the year everyone really needs.


I don’t like cricket. I love it! Lucky for us, it’s almost always cricket season somewhere! Cricket fans will delight at the thought of the India v England test series in January/February of 2021. The rescheduled test series against Sri Lanka should occur around this time too. Although not until later in the year, the Ashes is another competition to enjoy.

Olympics and Paralympics

It isn’t yet certain whether the rescheduled 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics will allow spectators. However, regardless of that, it is bound to be a captivating contest. Postponed (for the first time since World War II!) until the summer months, there will be no shortage of track, field and team events to get your teeth into, providing necessary sporting sustenance for fans across the world.


It’s coming home… football’s coming home! The 16th UEFA European Championships was due to take on a unique format this year in celebration of the competition’s 60th anniversary. Like many celebrating milestone birthdays during this odd year, it was postponed, but will still be welcomed with the excitement and joy everyone previously had. 24 entrants and 12 host countries, Euro 2020 will take place in June/July of 2021 instead, with one of the venues being our beloved Wembley Stadium. Let’s hope that Baddiel and Skinner’s famous footballing lyrics finally come true.

So, although things are likely to remain somewhat odd for a while to come yet, it is important to be grateful and try to enjoy as much as we can. Sport plays a large part in many people’s lives, so we hope you can join us in looking forward to the coming year’s fixtures.

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