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Iceni Magazine | August 13, 2020

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Five Latest Western Trendy Outfits Every Girl Must Try This Summer

Five Latest Western Trendy Outfits Every Girl Must Try This Summer

This summer has brought with it, a record heatwave across the globe.

As important as it is to remain cool and hydrated in this heat, it is also essential to look ‘cool’. Flowy fabrics, bold prints, crocheted tops are all the rage this season. Surfer style from the 90s is also having a re-run in fashion outlets worldwide. The idea is to wear colours that are light and soft. These colours help one survive the blazing hot temperature if there’s no option but to step out of the air conditioners. Here are five trendy outfits you need to try before fall begins.

  • Boiler suits

This is one clever appropriation of local culture. Boiler suits are one-piece garments worn for manual labour. But this year, they are a major fashion statement. They are protective and provide full coverage for the body. They can be paired with statement handbags, hoop style earrings and short hair for a classy outfit. Available in light fabric and colours from fawn to fuchsia, the suit can be worn to work with trainers or block heels. The concept is that fashion should come with a utility. And boiler suits are very practical with all the pockets and belts to store stuff in.

  • Lavender hues

Not as common as violet, this subtle shade is making rounds this year. Utterly feminine and chic, the colour is fit for flared skirts, tailored suits and summer coats. Cute western wear tops for girls can be bought in lavender to pair with khaki pants. Eventually, the shade is so versatile, it looks beautiful whether you dress in it from top to bottom or not.

  • Think volume

If this year’s Cannes Festival made one statement, it is that voluminous Cinderella style gown is everyone’s idea of a fancy dress. Tulle, feathers and crystals were part of the glitz and glamour at the most prominent film festival of the year. However, it must be admitted; most of those dresses won’t look anything but bizarre in your daily life. Imagine missing your bus because your dress wouldn’t fit through the door. But the idea is to incorporate these elements in moderation with your casual outfits. Think puffed sleeves, ruched skirts, asymmetrical tops, flared dresses, featured headbands and totes. They give the ‘oomph’ factor to a boring everyday dress.

  • Not so ‘formal’ suits

Tailored suits are evergreen. They are a part of every working woman’s wardrobe. This summer, your average suit has transformed into an outfit fit for a party. Now, blazers and trousers come in bright and bold colours. These suits are as fit for a dinner date as they are for the runway. Ruffled sleeves, tassels and braided sandals dress down the suit.

  • Bucket hats

Another 90s item that is ‘in’ this year. You might have only seen your favourite cartoon characters wearing bucket hats, but they used to be a serious fashion statement. And now, they are back. Made out of light fabric, the hats provide shade in the sun. So no need to lug that umbrella everywhere you go. But they are also versatile. They look great with tank tops, dresses, suits. You name it.

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