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Iceni Magazine | July 3, 2022

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Top 5 Fashion Pieces to get Fit in this Summer!

Top 5 Fashion Pieces to get Fit in this Summer!

With the summer well and truly upon us, we really ought to be considering attire suited for fitness.

No one wants to look hot and sweaty whilst actually getting hot and sweaty! The following five pieces are great choices for fashionable fitness.

  1. Stylish skort

If you’ve not indulged in a skort before, you’ll soon wonder what you’ve been missing. Essentially a pair of shorts with a skirt over the top in either the same or contrasting fabric is ideal for feeling feminine whilst exercising. Do your research first though, as some shorts ride up and can be uncomfortable. Chatting to fellow gym bunnies or Zumba fanatics is a great way of discovering which brand and type works best for your chosen exercise.

  1. Trendy trainers

Brightly coloured trainers are on trend for both men and women alike. Whether you choose to have a flash of neon on grey shoes or entirely electric blue trainers, colour is the key word. Check out the extensive selection of cheap womens trainers from Uppersole for inspiration. From running to yoga, spinning to hiking, you need to ensure you have chosen your footwear well as foot problems can be incredibly painful and will prevent you from continuing on your fitness journey. For example, plantar fasciitis can stop you from following an exercise regime as usual. However, with simple stretching exercises, as advised by your GP, you can speed up your recovery time.

  1. Beautiful bra

Often, with our choices of fitness tops, bras can be visible to others. Gone are the days when bras were made unattractive and merely functional. Sports bras are no exception. If you want pretty, you can find it. If you prefer bold colours, you can find that too. No one likes to feel themselves bouncing around unnecessarily, so a bra is a must-have. Finding one that looks attractive as well as being comfortable is just an added bonus!

  1. Luscious leggings

Whether you like the idea of luxury clothing, delicate and far from attention-seeking, or you prefer bold, eye-catching designs, there are so many choices of leggings on the market that it would be impossible to not find something to suit your requirements. A personal favourite of mine are a pair featuring an amusing, recognisable cartoon character! As for the type, capri leggings offer a little bare leg to catch a bit more of a breeze (if there is one) – perfect for power walking in the park or cycling through the countryside.

  1. Funky fitness tracker

If you don’t have some sort of fitness tracker, why not? Even if you exercise only occasionally, a watch can give you information about your heart rate and steps per day (10,000 steps is the recommendation) to encourage greater activity. They’re also useful for realising stressful situations and when you could be putting your health in danger. There are a wide variety of trackers on the market these days, and you can visit article to learn about one of the options from a leading brand and find out exactly what it, and many of these devices, can do. From large faces and bulky straps to daintier ones. Some even come with a change of strap… so you can change the look of your fitness tracker as often as you change your mood!

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