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Iceni Magazine | August 14, 2022

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Dating for disabled people during the pandemic

Dating for disabled people during the pandemic

No matter how comfortable you are with your disability, you will be acutely aware that it brings with it daily complications.

Dating with a disability can be a complex undertaking in an average world, let alone this current Covid-19 infected one. Continue reading for our advice on how to successfully date during this pandemic.

First Actions

Ordinarily, it may have been that you would meet someone in a bar or in the park, you would strike up a conversation, and it could go from there. While both things are still possible (if the bar serves substantial food!), it is more likely that you will have to set yourself up an online dating profile or rely on the support of friends and family members, who know you well, to pair you up with someone suitable. Dating for disabled seniors, for example, using an online route couldn’t be easier or more perfect for the situation we all find ourselves in currently. Choose a photograph of yourself (a friend could help you with this). Be sure to go for a recent one and one without an array of filters applied. Be prepared to complete a profile sharing a little information about yourself. Avoid giving too many personal details at this stage.

Dating for disabled people during the pandemic

First Conversations

When you match with someone who you think could be a potential date, spend a little time striking up a conversation with them. Recent months have been a whirlwind for so many of us, so at least you can always use the pandemic as a starter. At some point, a discussion about your disability will occur. Of course, if you are a member of a deaf dating site, for example, it will be more obvious.

It is likely that to start with, you will be chatting online only through messages. As you get to know and feel a connection with someone a little more, consider bringing this conversing to life by talking over the phone or by video chat. Only once you feel confident that there is a spark should you consider arranging a first date.

First Date

Choosing a disabled-friendly location is always an essential consideration. Of course, nowadays, it would be reasonable to expect all venues to be this way. Unfortunately, this is often not the case, so a bit of research can save a whole load of stress and embarrassment. Although visiting restaurants and bars is nowhere near as straightforward, it is still possible. You may wish to decide to do a preliminary visit beforehand to ensure it is suitable. If dining indoors is a concern to you, posing too high a risk, you may wish to consider wrapping up warm and meeting in a local park or private garden.

First Kiss

Now is perhaps not the right time to be sharing intimate moments with people you have just met due to the pandemic. However, as rules and restrictions relax, you will know when the moment is right. Have fun!

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