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Iceni Magazine | October 22, 2020

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Essentials For Providing Site Welfare

Essentials for Providing Site Welfare

Keeping construction teams operating safely and efficiently on site is clearly vital, but a property developer or building firm needs to go further than that.

These days, it’s also important to have robust plans – and the right equipment on site – to look after the welfare of project teams too. This is not just about meeting statutory obligations or trade guidelines either. It makes good commercial sense.

Having a happy, well looked after construction crew reaps rewards. It means that staff, contractors and subcontractors are far more likely to be productive and focused. This, in turn, helps in meeting deadlines. So what is meant by site welfare? It basically means ensuring that your site includes facilities and equipment to provide an appropriate standard of comfort and care for the project team.

Some employers choose to go beyond the bare minimum for on-site facilities. That’s because they understand the importance of making teams feel valued, by providing as pleasant a working environment as possible. The result can be a far more engaged team and reduced likelihood of absenteeism.

So what sort of equipment and considerations are essential to meet site welfare standards?

Natural breaks

Starting with the most basic of human needs, good quality toilets are vital. Modern construction sites shouldn’t offer crews only the most basic and primitive facilities. The latest portable toilet units are spacious, lightweight and easy to maintain. They also offer disabled toilet facilities to ensure equal opportunities on your site too.

The most up to date site facilities also include hot wash recirculating toilets, with a built-in immersion type heater, for added comfort and cleanliness. Some spacious toilet units feature such bonus extras as ample room for proper washing, built-in antibacterial liquid soap and paper towel dispensers, mirrors and even coat hooks.

Efficient environments for site operations

The same standards apply to temporary site offices. Modern fabrication methods mean they can be spacious and make best use of natural light, for times when construction staff need access to desks, computers and tables to lay out physical site drawings.

Having consistent and adequate power on site to keep essential equipment operating is also important for keeping productivity and morale up. When local supply is not available or sufficient, sites need to include  electric generators that match output requirements – both for immediate use and as the construction project takes shape.

Every site needs to take account of adequate storage units too, not just for equipment security overnight. It can be frustrating and time-consuming if teams have to grapple with cluttered storage units or have nowhere to stow their personal belongings during the working day.

Welfare facilities for refreshments

Construction teams need to be able to take breaks at appropriate times using readily available site accommodation. There are units available for hire or to buy that provide ample space for lunch and tea breaks. They can even include the standard catering equipment you need to keep crews fed and refreshed.

Having sufficient provision for on-site break rooms is also a way of providing shelter for days when the weather prevents construction work from proceeding.

Professional site visits

Much of the above deals with the site welfare of staff, contractors and subcontractors. However, a well-managed site must also include proper provision for guests too.

Having a clean, smart portable unit available as a meeting room can prove invaluable. When visitors come to the site from commissioners, professional firms or building inspection bodies, you need to make a professional impression. That can come from having enough room to sit comfortably and warmly on site.

Having important visitors is another occasion when having modern toilet units can prove to be a wise move! Just one more reason that paying attention to site welfare makes good business sense.


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