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Iceni Magazine | August 18, 2022

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Scammer Gets Scammed or How to Avoid Business Fraud

Scammer Gets Scammed or How to Avoid Business Fraud

Business fraud is a common thing, and to void, it there exists industry standards to make sure that a scammer gets scammed.

Thieves and cheats were known throughout history, and the more trade and business developed, the more sophisticated their schemes became. Some of those people who commit fraud can even be “regarded” for their exceptional acumen, knowledge of different fraudulent methods and techniques, that help them trick the company they target. However, for some firms, such schemes can be fatal.

Many owners admit that they fell victim to fraudulent activity within the first month of their operation. Regardless of the industry and product type, thieves can really pull the rug out from under you and cause significant damage to the developing business activity as well as to the thriving one. Several hints provided below can help you avoid scams or at least prevent significant damage from them.

The Best Ways to Avoid Business Scams

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Incompetence, unreasonable trust in partners, desire to cut costs by any means possible: do you find it hard to say which of the following is not one of the main factors that contribute to fraudulent activity? The biggest things that hurt companies are managerial mistakes. A scammer waits for them and attacks in different ways. For example, failure to ensure a high-quality security system entails risks of getting hacked. Relying too much on a newly qualified lawyer or a person with no professional record can also be a threat to the company’s security and data.

Here is a list of several things that can save your business:

1)    Install A Modern And Powerful Security System

Cybersecurity is the key to the successful performance of your team. Do not get too involved with cutting security expenses since it can cost you much more at the end. Hire professionals that would protect your systems from unauthorized access and hackers’ attacks. Remember that your sensitive or confidential business information is vulnerable unless it is protected, and it is better to pay extra than spend thousands on lawyers in different data leakage scandals.

2)    Do Not Fully Trust Anyone

You should never trust anyone while doing business. People often get let down and making ventures too dependent on other counterparts is very risky. It is a good idea to have a Plan B that would keep your company from an increased dependency. Trust partners but verify their background, try them in smaller deals, etc.

3)    Keep Abreast Of The Trends And News In The Industry

Most of the recent successful scam schemes are already described on the Internet. Reading them to raise awareness is a must. For example, if you receive a call from a company requesting you to update your internal policies and pay it $200 for late notification, you need to remember the Personnel Concepts crisis. Several small companies fell victim to this fraud. They were getting “urgent” letters and phone calls demanding money from business owners for an update to their employment laws. However, these firms have literally no record of violation or breach of employee rights. Moreover, as a business owner, you may need to update the knowledge of laws and policies regularly to know even the smallest details.

4)    Hire Only Professional Accountants And Lawyers

Always think of those who have access to the most sensitive company’s information. They are lawyers and accountants. Before hiring any new person into your team, try to dig deeper and find out more about his or her professional history. Be prepared that they can cost more. However, it is always better to afford more expensive but loyal employees than scammers. Needless to say, you should fill such important positions with professionals only.

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5)    Check Your Financial Records

A business owner is not supposed to be an expert in everything. However, they should know at least basics of Finance, Marketing, Purchasing, Accounting, Law and other aspects to be able to identify theft. Sometimes, it is a good idea to ask for a second opinion from an independent financial specialist to be sure that your financial and accounting records are in order. Otherwise, any business is at risk of getting into accounting scandals.

6)     Avoid Shady Reputation Services

When you order some services, you have to check a reputation of them. Such an axiom can save not only your money but also your time, nerves, and beneficial contracts. Each business implements the assistance of various employees, including copywriters as well. False information, plagiarism, and other highly unpleasant issues can spoil not only a text but also your partner relationships. If you need content for your educational business-the perfect idea will be to employ professional academic essay writers understanding all the peculiarities of such a deal. In case you are eager to do a business in marketing sphere-hire a copywriter with an awareness of up-to-date marketing tendencies, or someone has already worked at the marketing agency. Your primary task is to check a language level of the future employee, uniqueness of the texts, etc. Previous clients already using service of this or that content writer can tell you whether they were satisfied or not. Well, a shady reputation can cost you a lot, so keep your eyes always open, and your business will be safe.

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However, a tribute should be paid to scammers as well. In order to pull this off, a scammer needs to think more widely, possess an in-depth understanding of business practices as well as know industry specifics. They should also have an insight into the company’s internal environment to know the weak point where to attack. Moreover, nowadays, most of the schemes require knowledge of technologies and programming skills. This proves that only a smart and experienced person can trick a person, especially if the business operates for a few years. Only multitaskers who are open-minded and attentive to details can really become successful as a scammer.

A scam is an old-rooted and natural phenomenon to any economic and financial activity. New schemes appear every day, and it is hard to cope with all the new ways developed to trick people. Tricksters are professionals who deceive people for money and pleasure, so it is sometimes very hard to expose them. However, you should stay alert and attentive to notice any suspicious acts and prevent your business from more considerable damage.

Here is also my BIO: Michelle Brooks loves to read, write, listen to music and use words to persuade people. She has worked her way towards being the team leader of content managers. She uses words as weapons, so keep an eye out for her powerful articles. 

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