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Iceni Magazine | February 29, 2024

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Cool Ways To Use Concrete In Your Home

Cool Ways To Use Concrete In Your Home

Concrete has many great properties as a material. It’s relatively cheap and very durable against almost everything from water to heat.

You can also mould it into practically any shape. It’s for this reason that it’s often used in many construction projects. But what about the use of mortar or concrete around the home?

While concrete may be associated with brutalist commercial applications like bridges and parking lots, it can still be a practical and even stylish material to use around the home. Just be sure to work with a reputable contractor, such as the team at Viking Concrete in Cincinnati, to make sure that you get the very best result possible.


Concrete can make a great surface for a driveway. It’s very durable and low maintenance compared to other driveway materials. Concrete can be cut into slabs and arranged into stylish patterns at a fraction of the cost of natural stone. Alternatively, you can opt for a smooth concrete driveway. 


Base flooring in buildings is typically either made from wooden beams or a mixture of RC (reinforced concrete) and steel. RC slabs tend to be much stronger and more durable. They’re also fireproof, moisture resistant and relatively pest-proof. If you’re constructing an extension or even an entire self-build home, concrete could be a good material to choose. Concrete is typically topped with other materials like carpet, laminate wood, vinyl or stone tiles to make it more comfortable to walk on, however you can opt for concrete tile floors in bathrooms and kitchens.


You can also build kitchen countertops out of concrete. An advantage of concrete is that it can be easily moulded into various shapes to fit any kitchen. It’s possible to stain concrete to make it look more visually appealing, and even add veins to simulate the look of natural stone. However, some people prefer the raw concrete appearance – sometimes even with cracks included to give it a rugged look. Paired with unfinished wood cabinets and copper pendant lights, it could give your whole kitchen a minimal and clean look.


Concrete could make the perfect material for a fireplace – whether it’s indoors or outdoors. This is because concrete is completely fireproof and moisture resistant. Paired with kiln dried logs, concrete fireplaces provide a very modern and minimal look compared to traditional brick and stone fireplaces – they could be a great way to add a touch of rustic warmth to a new build. You can check out a few concrete fireplace designs here.


A concrete sink could be a fun and quirky feature to add to a bathroom or kitchen. Concrete can be moulded into all kinds of shapes to fit any kind of space and is incredibly durable, making it a good material to use for a sink. It goes particularly well paired with brass or copper taps.


For a cheaper alternative to a natural stone bench, why not consider a concrete bench? This could be freestanding or built into a concrete retaining wall. This material is great for providing a modern look to a garden.

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