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Iceni Magazine | January 26, 2021

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Dolphin Cycle Repairs: Riding Your Bike In Lockdown

Dolphin Cycle Repair

Paul Dolphin from Dolphin Cycle repairs in Great Ellingham gives us some tips
on riding your bike in lockdown.

Hello, I’m Paul Dolphin. I moved to Great Ellingham last October and I’ve recently  opened my cycle repair shop in Long Street.

Although starting a business in lockdown may seem like a daft idea, it has actually turned out OK. Fortunately cycling is one of the activities that is still permitted in lockdown. Many people, who haven’t ridden for a long time, are dusting off their bikes, and in some cases, pulling the weeds out from around the wheels and giving it a spin.

Dolphin Cycle Repairs: Riding Your Bike In Lockdown

Before setting up the bike repair shop. I was a stay at home dad, but as our son is now three years old, I decided it was time to start working again. I’ve always been interested in fixing bikes and I’m a keen cyclist myself, being a member and committee member of VCN Norwich.

However, I have to confess I haven’t done much cycling in recent years although previously I have done the Norwich 100, the Dunwich Dynamo and a charity ride from Glasgow to Norwich in four days. Although I previously worked for Aviva I wanted a change of career and so earlier this year I completed my Cytech 1 and 2 training which means I’m qualified to fix bikes.

Dolphin Cycle Repairs: Riding Your Bike In Lockdown

I’m happy to fix or service any kind of bike from the top of the range racing bike to an ancient shopper. I find in many cases that bikes that haven’t been used for a while just need a good clean and the chain needs a good lube.

If you haven’t ridden for a while but fancy going for a ride then these are my top five tips for trouble free riding:

1) Check your brakes work
2) Lubricate your chain
3) Make sure your saddle is at the right height
4) Pump up your tyres to the recommended
pressure (usually written on your tyre)
5) Learn how to fix a puncture

Once you are out on your ride, you should make sure you are at a safe distance from others. My wife, who is a wheelchair user, often complains that some cyclists ride up almost next to her instead of letting her know they are there by giving a ding on their bell or a cheery hello. So do respect other road users.

You should carry tissues to use when cycling, disposing of them safely in a bin as soon as possible. You should also take as much food and water as possible for your ride, to help you avoid having to stop in a shop and make social contact.

However, if you run out of supplies and do need to visit a supermarket or shop for some refreshments, you should wash your hands before and after visiting, and again on returning home.

If you wear cycling gloves, it is advisable to wash them as often as possible. A pair of latex gloves can be handy to take with you if you need to put a chain back on. Also, remember to avoid touching your face if your hands are not clean.

If there is anything that bothers or concerns you about your bike then do give me a call for a no-obligation quote. I am able to come to you and may be able to do the repair at your home paying attention to social distancing.

Do contact me on:
Mobile: 07930 397992
Facebook: Dolphin Cycle Repairs


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