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Iceni Magazine | November 29, 2020

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Lockdown Business Q&A with Beauty by Missy

Lockdown Business Q&A with Beauty by Missy

2020 has been a challenging time for the majority of local businesses.

However, many owners have been able to make tweaks and take the time to steer the direction of things slightly to work in their favour. We are giving people the opportunity to talk to us, sharing their successes and struggles during lockdown.

Here we speak toΒ Missy Hitchcox owner of Beauty by Missy

Name: Missy Hitchcox

Business name: Beauty by Missy

Industry: Beautician / Hairdresser

When did you start your business?: 2010

Lockdown Business Q&A Missy

What was the biggest hurdle during lockdown?: I’m a self-employed sole trader, so although I do not have the overheads of running a company or business premises, financially it was difficult to adjust to a lower income. I also found myself trying to reassure clients that although I was unable to offer appointments, they would not be forgotten about when I was able to resume again.

What did you learn during lockdown?: I learned that I have a loyal clientele, and I found it heartwarming to realise how much the appointments mean to each individual. I really felt some of us missed seeing each other, and this highlighted that there is an element of friendship to the therapist & client relationship in the beauty industry.

Lockdown Business Q&A Missy Hair

Did any element of lockdown help you and your business?: I think lockdown has influenced those who enjoy hair & beauty treatments to secure regular appointments, and feel my diary is filling up nicely as a result of this. Perhaps the period of uncertainty has actually resulted in more stability for self-employed beauticians & hairdressers, as clients have been left with a stronger desire to book and fulfil appointments.

What are your hopes for the future?: I hope to expand my services and treatments to cover a wider range & build a larger clientele. Forced absence from work made me realise how much I enjoy what I do, and a fresh batch of enthusiasm is driving me to further develop my business.

Lockdown Business Q&A Missy eyes

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