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Iceni Magazine | April 21, 2021

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Different Types of Wool and Their Uses

Different Types of Wool and Their Uses

Wool is one of the most popular fabric materials used for different products like sweaters and blankets.

Some of its characteristics include being self-cleaning, water-repellent, antistatic and non-flammable. There are different types of wool fabric UK retailers sell and understanding their differences can help you determine which one is the best for your project. Here are some of the most common wool types and their uses.


It comes from the first shearing of a lamb, which often happens when it reaches six to seven months. This type of wool is soft. It’s also durable and smooth. It’s popularly used for making sweaters and bedding. It’s hypoallergenic making it ideal even for those who have sensitive skin. It’s also breathable so it will provide comfort.


This fabric is from Angora goats, which is more expensive than lambswool. There are fewer Angora goats than lambs, which explains the price. The fibres of mohair are thicker, making them stronger. They are also smoother, and they come from the first three shearings of the said goats. Aside from being dirt-resistant like the other wool types, it’s also resistant to wrinkles. There are different products that you can create out of this fabric, including but not limited to yarns, carpets, socks, coats, sweaters, hats, and scarves. It is also a popular fur substitute. Mohair is also used for the hair on dolls.

Merino wool

It originally came from Spain, but since there are now plenty of Merino sheep in New Zealand and Australia where the wool comes from, it is now popularly available in these countries. Once merino is sheared, it will be processed to remove the fatty greases that come with it. After that, only half of its original amount will be available for use, thus also making it on the expensive side. It is often used for underlayer clothing because of its softness and warmth, as well as winter clothes. Since it’s antibacterial and breathable, it’s also perfect for sportswear.


It’s made from the hair of cashmere goats often found in Central Asia and the Gobi Desert. This type of wool is the softest, and it’s also luxurious. Only the undercoat of the goat is used, which is why only a small amount is yielded, making it pricey. Since it’s durable, thin strands can be used, making it more breathable and lightweight than other wools. It can be used in undershirts, underwear, scarves, and sweaters.


This fabric is from alpaca hairs. The alpaca is an animal that is originally from South Africa. Depending on the breed, it can be thin or thick. The thin ones are soft, making them ideal for various clothes like sweaters. However, the thicker ones are not the best for clothing because they can be itchy. Since the thinner fabrics are fine, they are usually combined with other wool types to give better form.

Shetland wool

It’s from sheep that originated from an island in Scotland where it got its name. It’s sturdy and thick, making it one of the top picks for warm clothing like sweaters.

Now that you know the different types of wools and their characteristics, you can determine which one will best fit your project or needs.

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