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Iceni Magazine | May 11, 2021

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A List of the Complete Benefits of Silk Pyjamas for Sleep

A List of the Complete Benefits of Silk Pyjamas for Sleep

There may be many different fabrics you can choose for sleepwear, but for various reasons, silk trumps them all.

Silk, after all, is a fabric that is known for being cool in summer and warm and cosy in winter, and it is a naturally hypoallergenic fabric that makes it perfect for those who have sensitive skin. There are many qualities which make silk the ideal choice if you want to sleep much better at night, and it’s not just because it can easily adjust to cool or warm temperatures – it is also because it is breathable and it doesn’t absorb moisture, which keeps it lightweight and dry. Whilst other fabrics may have some benefits, silk is the easy choice in sleepwear for many. So, what makes silk so special, so magical, even? Here’s a list of the complete benefits of silk pyjamas for sleep.

  • It’s hypoallergenic

As you may already know, silk is made by silkworms, and it is, in fact, the cocoon of the silkworm. This makes it an entirely natural fabric, and silk is also inherently designed to protect the silkworm from threats. The process of turning or transforming the cocoons into what we know as silk fabric is quite gentle as well, which means that the natural substances that comprise the material are not stripped away. The natural protection found in silk also means that it inhibits mould, dust mites, and fungi from forming in the material. This is why silk is a perfectly brilliant choice for people who have ultra-sensitive skin and for those who have conditions like asthma and allergies. Another aspect that sets silk apart is that it is resistant to mildew, and this is because of a naturally occurring protein found in silk called sericin as well as various amino acids.

  • It may be beneficial to your skin

Although there isn’t any ample or solid scientific evidence to back it up, it has been said that silk may be beneficial to the skin as well. The reason for this is the amino acids found in silk, which have the potential to make skin look better and which may even help delay the onset of wrinkles. Some people also say that silk is excellent for the central nervous system because it encourages calmness and serenity. Even if you have only a single silk PJ set, you can wear it whenever you want to pamper yourself and sleep restfully, and you will always see a difference in how you feel when you wake up.

  • It is smooth, safe, and natural

Another quality that makes silk stand out is its safety. This natural material is fire-retardant as well, which makes it the ideal choice if you want bedding which is safer and more comfortable. In fact, many experts recommend silk as bedding for children and babies. Unlike other fabrics that may melt when in contact with fire, silk simply burns to ash – which makes it a better option for safety.

Aside from this, silk feels smooth and soft, and it doesn’t cause any friction on the skin unlike other fibres which can be quite itchy (such as wool) or restrictive (such as flannel). The fine surface of silk makes it extra smooth and pliable, and it has a typical diameter of only 11 microns, which makes it incredibly soft and smooth. Silk doesn’t create any air pockets, either, which means that it can gently hug your body and hold in your body heat, and since it is breathable and doesn’t absorb moisture, it can be the perfect solution to keep you cool in the summer as well.


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