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Iceni Magazine | June 5, 2020

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Sizzling Sensations. Anywhere. Anytime.

Sizzling Sensations. Anywhere. Anytime.

Introducing the BBQ Toolbox from The Fowndry, a portable BBQ that can be used time and time again, cased within a stylish red tool box, the BBQ Toolbox is the latest in outdoor equipment.

If you are one for all things camping, festivals and the great outdoors, The BBQ Toolbox offers a unique alternative with its clever compact design – whether as a gift for the outdoorsy types or as part of your camping and outdoor essentials, The BBQ Toolbox won’t fail to impress.

Once open, The BBQ Toolbox doesn’t just unfold a grilling space but with it’s clever toolbox design, it offers two further elements for that essential food prep. One side features an open space, making plenty of room for the likes of herbs, spices and utensils, whilst the other offers a wire rack warming tray – handy for keeping food warm if you are cooking several rounds of food.

With all that, The BBQ Toolbox still manages to offer an impressive 20cm x 38cm grill, featuring both a removable tray for cleaning, and adjustable vents to control airflow over the coals for optimum cooking temperatures. This isn’t just your standard portable barbeque. 

By using The BBQ Toolbox’s convenient carrying handles for easy transportation to and from outdoor areas, it means no more carrying awkward, heavy barbeques. However, they don’t stop there, they also fold round to become legs, meaning no more burnt patches on the grass!

Made from steel, with stainless steel grills and then coated in super-high temperature paint, The BBQ Toolbox is made from high quality sturdy materials that you can rely on.  So you can rest easy knowing it will last many an outdoor trip.

The BBQ Toolbox is available online for £69.99 from The Fowndry.


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