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Iceni Magazine | May 29, 2022

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Interior Design Trends Explained

Interior Design Trends Explained

Want to keep up with the latest interior design trends but have no idea what they all mean?

The world of interior design is forever changing. New trends come and go, but there’s some which have remained popular throughout the decades.

Here, you’ll discover what some of the most popular interior design trends mean so you can decide whether or not they’re right for you.


Modern home design is one of the most common interior design trends and it aims for furniture and design elements with straight, clean lines. It includes numerous design types such as art deco, shaker and mission style designs. If you want to follow this theme, you’ll want to focus on simple colour palettes and materials such as glass, steel and metal.


Minimalist design is very similar to modern, only it takes the simplistic elements a little further. All furnishings are kept simple, there should be no flamboyant designs and the rooms should be kept 100% clutter free.

Most minimalist designs incorporate ultra-clean lines and functionality. So, think hidden kitchen appliances and very few furnishings around the home.


Contemporary is often mixed up with modern interior design. This is largely because the two are often used interchangeably. The main difference between the two is that contemporary design can incorporate more than one type of style. So, it doesn’t necessarily need to feature straight, clean lines. Instead, you could opt for curved designs and much brighter furnishings.

The great thing about contemporary is that you can add a range of different types of furniture. So, you could have a nice straight-lined simplistic bed and a beautiful curved bedside table to complement it from a store like Cox & Cox.


Scandinavian interior design has become especially popular in recent years. It bases its design on Nordic countries, featuring simple and understated yet beautifully carved wooden furniture. The colour scheme tends to be largely white, though colour can be added through artwork and rugs.


Rustic interior design focuses on natural earthy elements. This means it often incorporates materials such as wood and stone. A rustic home would typically include natural details such as wooden beams and reclaimed wooden floors. It’s possible to mix rustic with modern interior design too. If you’re looking for a country-cottage feel, then this is definitely the right trend for you.

So, there you have it, some of the most popular interior design trends explained. Remember, it is possible to mix and match different themes in the home. However, it’s a good idea to do your research before doing this if you want to make sure it’s done correctly. Mixing and matching different styles can be risky if you don’t know what you’re doing.


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