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Iceni Magazine | August 16, 2022

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How To Plan The Perfect Staycation

How To Plan The Perfect Staycation

Sometimes, not matter how hard we try, a sunny beach holiday just can’t happen.

Unfortunately for most, not every year can be filled with an amazing globe trotting adventure, experiencing new places and cultures. But fear not, that doesn’t mean your holiday allocation needs to be wasted on random days off. Enter the staycation, there is so much of the UK most of us are yet to see. So why not make the most of it and keep it local?

First things first, where are you staying?

If the reason you are planning a staycation is down to lack of budget permitting a trip abroad then obviously sticking to a tight budget will be top priority for you. Deciding on your staycation location is going to be the hardest part and one which budget will highly dictate. During the early stages of planning it’s important to factor in the cost and duration of travel. You might fancy the idea of glamping in Scotland, but if it’s going to cost you £200 each and 7 hours each way to get the train, is that really a feasible idea?

Why not a weekend in the capital, no matter how many times you visit London, there will always new areas to explore and different activities to try. Setting up your base in a central location like Amba Marble Arch, will ensure you are in easy walking distance of some of London’s most impressive parks (Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens etc) and the most known shopping street in the UK. Public transports make it so easy to travel around London and hop between areas such as Soho, Southbank and Hackney etc to experience the best London has to offer.

How To Plan The Perfect Staycation

What would a tourist do?

To really make the most of your staycation, try and fit in as many tourist activities as possible. When was the last time you saw the Tower of London or visited your local seaside town? You might feel like visiting local attractions within the UK is super cheesy, but you might just surprise yourself. You might even find a newfound appreciation for an otherwise unknown area of the country to you.  

Focus on food

Whichever location you have picked as your staycation destination of choice, make sure food is a priority. If you had gone on holiday abroad, you would undoubtedly be splurging on food and enjoying everything the local cuisine has to offer. Book yourself into a restaurant you have been dying to try for ages, or if you are venturing further away from home, why not take a look at new restaurant or pop up’s opening in that area.

Indulging in food is one of the best parts of a holiday, so ensure it is a vital part of your staycation too.

Ensure you log off

There is something about staying the country which makes people feel like they should still be checking their emails and catching up on work. If you spend your entire break doing this, you might of well of just worked from home. Try putting your phone on airplane mode during the day, therefore you won’t be distracted to just reply to that one email or WhatsApp work colleagues and more importantly your partner, children or friends will be glad of the extra attention.

Regardless of where you end up on your staycation, make sure you relax and enjoy yourselves. Holiday allocation is sparse enough as it is and you don’t want to waste days sat around at home.


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