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Iceni Magazine | July 1, 2022

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Alex Wiseman Interviews G4

Alex Wiseman Interviews G4

Hi Guys, we meet again. Thank you for allowing me to chat to you ahead of your Christmas 2021 tour.

Alex: What a pleasure to be interviewing G4 for Iceni Magazine. This is my 5th interview with you guys! 

G4: It’s always lovely to share an interview with you. It’s just scary how many years we have been doing so! Even more frightening to think how long ago our X-Factor appearance was.

Alex: It’s been a very long 18 months for everyone, but how has it affected the band? 

G4: The pandemic has caused a complete pause on live performances and this has been extremely difficult for us all. We have all however diversified and shared online shows and doorstep performances to enable our fans to remain connected to the music we love to share.

Alex: It must have been truly awful to have cancelled all the G4 Christmas shows last year… 

G4: Cancelling tours is such a frustrating situation, that sadly affected many thousands of performers throughout the world. It was for the right reason, and we are now thrilled to be back out there together this festive season.

Alex: On to more positive questions… welcome to the band Duncan! 

Duncan: Thank you so much! I had such a blast with these boys for our Christmas tour in 2019 and I cannot wait to get going again this year. It really is a joy, even if I do end up ballooning due to the ‘Mince Pie with every meal’ rule! The festive season has always been a very special time of year for me, and I feel genuinely blessed to be singing with Jon, Mike and Lewis in some glorious places.

G4 Jumping in Snow

Alex: The line-up has changed a few times recently. What keeps you (Mike and Jonathan) in the band? 

G4: Although the line-up has changed, the music and performance style remain the same. This is what lures us back time after time. Oh, and of course the rockstar lifestyle it offers!

Alex: All your loyal fans will be very excited about this year’s show in Norwich. What can they expect? 

G4: This Christmas tour is going to be such a blast as we all share our excitement to be back onstage with a sold-out audience. The show will include all the favourites people know and love, such as When a Child is Born, O Holy Night, Silent Night etc, plus many new festive arrangements that have never been performed by ourselves before. 

Alex: This year please can you do a cover of ‘Last Christmas’ WHAM!? It would be so amazing I am sure and a lovely tribute to George Michael. 

G4: We actually have this on the list… watch this space.

Alex: After the Christmas Tour 2021, what will be next for G4? 

G4: We are focusing on this tour for now and then hope to be able to share more music together shortly after. 

Alex: As always, G4, it’s been my pleasure to interview you all. I wish you luck with the Christmas dates, and I look forward to hearing your beautiful voices soon. 

G4: Thank you so much. Let’s chat again next year to make it 6 in a row.

G4 Christmas Tour 2021


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