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Iceni Magazine | May 30, 2024

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Alex Wiseman Interviews Dan Vaughan

Alex Wiseman Interviews Dan Vaughan

An Evening with Only Fools and Horsez Norwich

The Only Fools boys are back in town for a night full of laughter and great entertainment!

Featuring on the night: 

– Vas Blackwood aka Lennox Gilbey

– Mike Kemp aka Cousin Stan Trotter 

– Dan Peacock aka Mental Mickey

– Philip Pope aka Tony Angerlino, Peckhams singing dustman

Saturday 30th November 2024, 7pm at Maddermarket Theatre, Norwich. 

The show is being put on by superfan Dan Vaughan of Only Authentics

Alex: Dan, a pleasure to speak to with you. Always good to speak with a fellow ‘Only Fools and Horses’ fan! 

Dan: Thanks Alex, nice to speak with you also.

Alex: You really show that something positive can come of a negative situation. I believe you’d just lost your job when you created your company which is now successfully putting on hundreds of shows a year. 

Dan: That’s right. When the pandemic hit I lost my job so decided to give this a go. I was already a collector of autographs and memorabilia so I decided to try turning my hobby into a business. Flashforward 3 years we are running these shows!

Alex: My parents got me into ‘Only Fools and Horses’ and I still think it’s crazy I’m only old enough to have watched the last 3 episodes live on the tele! Who got you into it?

Dan: I grew up watching Only Fools and Horses from a very young age. My Nan would watch it often as would my parents. My Nans favourite episodes were Dates and Jolly Boys Outing. Unfortunately she passed away before I started this journey. But if she knew what I was doing she would have loved it.

Alex: We miss these types of shows on the tele. How rare to get 3 generations watching the same shows! 

Onto the show. Why should our readers book to come? 

Dan: It’s a fantastic show where you really get value for money. Plenty of audience participation along with competitions and reenactments from the show. This isn’t your typical convention this is more an experience with. The actors are all very welcoming as well. It’s so relaxed its almost like a night out with your mates! 

Alex: To be honest seeing Tony Angelino sing is enough to get me there!! 

Dan: Yeah exactly! Philip (Tony Angelino) is great and still has a cracking voice! And sometimes we even auction off the “Raquel part” so one lucky winner can even sing Cwying with him!

Alex: Blimey I can confirm I won’t be putting myself forward to sing! It’s fantastic that the show is being kept alive and we are able to celebrate the show/cast and all the laughs we had watching it. 

Dan: I think, as you say, it is important to keep these shows alive. I don’t think I would be the person I am today without the show! Certainly my sense of humour has been molded by Only Fools. We’ve lost some great characters over the years sadly. I think some of those great names would have loved these shows too!

Alex: Who is your favourite Only Fools and Horses’ cast member to deal with? And who would you love to get at an event in the future? 

Dan: Good question! They really are all great people. But I think a lot of people would agree that Dan Peacock (Mental Mickey) is an absolute legend. I feel privileged to say that Dan has become one of my best friends. As well as being a talented writer, he’s also very caring and incredibly funny. There’s been a few moments where we have both been CWYING with laughter! In terms of who I’d want at future shows… there are a few. We would like to include some of the women such as Gwyneth Strong (Cassandra) and Tessa Peake Jones (Raquel). I would love for Antoni Corone (Rico) to join us. But I’d like to say also how awesome it would have been for Roger Lloyd Pack (Trigger) and John Challis (Boycie) to have been on this journey amongst others. RIP 🙏

Alex: Your plans sound fantastic! I had the pleasure of interviewing the late great John Challis more than once and it will always be a highlight. 

Dan, it’s been a pleasure to speak to you today and good luck with your show in Norwich. 

Dan: Thanks Alex, I hope to see you there!

Saturday 30th November 2024, 7pm at Maddermarket Theatre, Norwich. Tickets available here: 

Only Fools and Horsez Norwich

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