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Iceni Magazine | May 30, 2024

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Simple Approaches to Reduce Stress Levels After Work

reduce stress levels after work

It’s essential to find ways to unwind and reduce stress levels after work.

We all deserve some relaxation and self-care to recharge our batteries. Without this, we will face burnout – no one wants to be dealing with that.

In this article, we’ll explore nine simple approaches that can help you alleviate stress and find inner peace after work. So, kick off your shoes, grab a cuppa and let’s get started!

1. Embrace the Power of Music:
There’s nothing quite like the soothing power of music to melt away stress. Create a playlist of your favourite tunes that uplift your spirits and help you unwind. Whether it’s classical melodies, calming nature sounds, or energetic beats, find what resonates with you and let the music work its magic. Personally, we love to blast out the Prodigy and Pendulum whilst cooking tea on an evening, which seems to help.

2. Engage in Mindful Activities:
Mindfulness can support you in shifting your focus away from work-related stressors. Try practising meditation, yoga or even looking at your breathing. These activities can help you relax, clear your mind and find a sense of calm amongst the chaos of stressful everyday life. Setting aside just a few minutes each day to these practices can lead to a clear positive impact on your overall well-being. Some of us might find it trickier to stick to this and even to pick up the right positions, so it may be worth considering enlisting help. Try a local class, like the ones at Heal My Heart holistic therapies. Alternatively, you might like to consider one of their retreats.

3. Get Moving:
Physical activity is a fantastic stress reliever. Engaging in exercise releases endorphins, which are natural mood boosters. Take a stroll in nature, go for a run or join a fitness class that interests you. Zumba works well for me – I couldn’t be without it, but the people are just as important as the exercise, I find. Not only will exercise help you unwind, but it will also promote better sleep, leaving you refreshed for the next day.

4. Connect with Loved Ones:
Spending quality time with loved ones can be a great way to reduce stress after work. Arrange a catch-up with friends or family members, either in person or virtually. Share a meal, play games or simply have a nice long chat. Social connections can provide a sense of comfort and support, reminding you that you’re not alone in navigating life’s challenges. Of course, it’s vital to choose those people who you are certain won’t wind you up – we all know some of those!

5. Try Supplements:
Not a suggestion that will work for everyone, but with the addition of certain things into people’s lives, they can find it simpler to reduce stress levels after work. For some, CBD can have a profound impact on their mental health. For others, balancing their bodies’ needs by adding things like ginseng can alter their emotions and energy levels. You can also check out these Energy Renew reviews that might convince you of a worthwhile alternative. It may be worth consulting a professional regarding this if you feel like your body’s balance is skewed.

6. Pursue a Hobby:
Engaging in activities you enjoy can provide a much-needed escape from work-related stress. Whether it’s painting, gardening, cooking or playing a musical instrument, find a hobby that brings you joy. Immersing yourself in these activities can help you relax, unwind and cultivate a sense of fulfillment outside of work. You are more than your job title and you need to start treating yourself in that way!

7. Disconnect from Technology:
Constant connectivity to technology can contribute to stress levels. Give yourself a break by disconnecting from screens for a while. Put your phone on silent, switch off notifications and engage in activities that don’t involve digital devices. Rediscover the joy of reading a book, taking a leisurely bath or enjoying a quiet moment of reflection.

8. Practise Self-Care:
Self-care is crucial for reducing stress and promoting overall well-being. Take time to pamper yourself with a relaxing bath, indulge in a favourite treat or practise skincare rituals. I love a good ten minutes in the foot spa with a face mask on! Prioritise activities that make you feel good and nurture your mind, body and soul.

9. Create a Restful Environment:
A peaceful environment can greatly impact your ability to unwind after work. Create a cosy, calming space in your home by decluttering, adding soft lighting and incorporating soothing scents. Consider using essential oils like lavender or chamomile to promote relaxation and better sleep.

It doesn’t have to be complicated to reduce stress levels after work. By incorporating these simple approaches into your routine, you can create a more balanced and relaxed lifestyle. Remember to prioritise self-care, engage in activities that bring you joy and nurture your relationships. Your well-being matters, so take a step back, breathe and embrace these stress-reducing strategies. You deserve it!


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