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Iceni Magazine | February 27, 2021

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5 property options for retiring in Norfolk

5 property options for retiring in Norfolk

If you’re approaching retirement and aren’t sure where you would like to spend your later years, Norfolk would make a fantastic choice.

It’s been rated as one of the top three places in the UK — and the best location in the East of England — to retire, according to Prudential’s pensioner wellbeing index. And, there’s good reason for that.

The research considered factors such as access to healthcare, crime rates, and life expectancy, which are all things you need to think about when choosing an area to retire to. Plus, we can certainly vouch for Norfolk’s beautiful countryside and beautiful beaches, which enhance the county’s appeal.

Of course, if you’re thinking about moving to Norfolk when you retire, or you’ve already decided that it’s the place for you, you’ll need to look into what kind of property options you’ll have. And, we’re going to outline what those are. Read on to find out more.

Park homes

If you’re looking to downsize your home, perhaps because it requires too much maintenance, or you would like to release equity from your property, buying a park home can be a great option. Depending on their location, they can be bought for as little as £20,000, making them significantly more affordable than traditional brick and mortar homes.

Plus, they come with an array of benefits that you’re likely to appreciate more as you grow older. For example, park home sites are usually very secure, and tend to have a tight-knit community feel. Most parks will also provide you with the opportunity to swap the hustle and bustle of urban life for a quieter time in the countryside.

If you aren’t familiar with park homes and would like to learn more about them, make sure you read GoldShield’s comprehensive guide to what park homes are and who can buy one. This should give you all the information you’ll need to decide whether park home life is for you.

Retirement villages

Chances are, you’ll want to live independently for as long as you possibly can, but also plan for when you might need a helping hand. Retirement villages are perfect for this, as you’ll be left to your own devices, but will also have access to useful services that will benefit you more as you grow older, such as housekeeping and home visit hairdressers. Retirement complexes are also designed and built with accessibility in mind, so it’ll be much easier for you to get around in your later years.

If you would like more information about the benefits of moving into a retirement village and why it might be the right choice for you, the Sunday Express has a great article that includes accounts from people who’ve done it, which is well worth a read.


Bungalows tend to be particularly popular among those who’ve retired because they only have one storey, so they’re more accessible than regular houses. While you might only be at the beginning of this new chapter of your life, it’s important to consider how your needs might change in the future, and most of us will develop problems with mobility as we get older.

Single-storey properties are already in high demand and, as the population continues to age, they’re only going to become more popular. So, if you’re interested in buying one as your retirement home, it’s worth investing as soon as you possible can. If you decide it’s not for you a few years down the line, you can always sell up — and, chances are, you’ll get a healthy profit.

Seaside resorts

A huge advantage of moving to Norfolk, which is on the East coast of England, is that you’ll never be too far from the sea. For some people, it’s enough to visit the beach whenever the weather is particularly nice. But, if you’ve always dreamed of living somewhere that offers beautiful views and the sound of crashing waves, you could take the plunge and move to a seaside resort.

Understandably, properties right by the sea are in very high demand, which means they can cost a lot. So, if you’re moving to cut costs in your retirement, this mightn’t be the best option for you. But, it could be perfect if you do have some money to spare.

A smaller house or flat

When you retire, you might simply decide to move into a smaller house or flat. This is likely to be a suitable option if you’re on the younger side and don’t have any mobility issues but would like to cut the financial costs of your home or reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to maintain.

While your property might have been perfect when your kids were living at home, it could be the case that you’re paying for a mortgage, heating, and maintenance of a property that’s now much bigger than necessary. So, you could easily cut your cost of living by moving into a house or flat that’s smaller.

When you’re approaching retirement, or once you’ve left the workforce, it’s well worth considering whether your home suits your current needs, and whether it’s going to continue to serve you well. There are so many retirement property options available in Norfolk that you will be spoilt for choice. So, if you’re looking to cut costs and prepare for your later years, make sure you consider all the options we’ve given you here — we’re sure you’ll find one that suits you perfectly.


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