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Iceni Magazine | July 3, 2022

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5 Must Haves For Your City Break

City breaks require careful planning when it comes to the clothes you take along, you need some good base items that can be mixed and matched throughout the weekend to reduce your luggage weight but still ensure you have plenty of options.

Here are the five must-haves you need to pack for your city break:

  1. A decent pair of trousers

Whether you want to adopt a sophisticated look for Paris with a pair of fitted black skinnies or go for a casual fit on the streets of Amsterdam, a good pair of trousers that go with everything is essential. Ensure they can be worn both day and night and that they’re super comfortable to wear all day long.

  1. Comfortable shoes

Any city break is going to involve some walking around, as you try to see every tourist attraction in the vicinity and try to rack up the steps on your Fitbit. You need shoes that won’t hurt your feet after a day of being on them but that still look good with your outfit. Some low rise Converse are always a good call or some well worn ankle boots that should look great with everything from skinny jeans to skater dresses and tights.

  1. A good jacket

The weather is unpredictable in Europe, which is where you’ll more than likely be heading off for a fun filled weekend, so it’s a good idea to take a jacket along with you. Fingers crossed, you won’t need a long overcoat during the warmer months but you’ll still need something that’s versatile enough to counter cooler weather. These leather jackets from Superdry are fashionable, sturdy, and go with just about anything so they’ll compliment the rest of your outfit easily. 

  1. Some strong accessories

If you wear mostly white and black, then a few colourful accessories are essential and won’t take up much room in your carry on bag. A strong pair of sunglasses are key should the sun decide to come out, a dressy necklace can instantly take a plain dress and enhance it for an evening look and a scarf can be worn normally – as a neckerchief or wrapped around your head in a cute nod to the 1950s. Here are some styles to try out to top off your look for the day.

  1. Lightweight layers

The key to dressing warm while on a city break is layers, so pack a couple of strappy tops to wear underneath a long sleeved jumper than can be finished off with that jacket we mentioned earlier. Slip dresses can be layered over t-shirts (a look that’s going to be popular this spring, as we return to the 90s grunge style again) and longline shirts are great for layering over jeans.

When it comes to packing for a city break it’s a case of checking the weather, packing light and not being afraid to re wear an item of clothing! Oh, and have loads of fun, of course.

Article By Jessica Foreman

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