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Iceni Magazine | July 3, 2022

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5 Top Tips on Packing for a Rural Retreat

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It’s that time of year again – summer – and you’re ready to start thinking about finding yourself a perfect little holiday cottage to relax and unwind in.

No matter what sort of retreat you are planning on, knowing what to pack can make all the difference. We have five of the best tips on packing to make your life that little bit easier and allow your holiday to go smoothly.

Capitalise on space

Roll up your clothes instead of folding them when packing. Stuff your socks and accessories into your underwear, don’t ever leave a space unused. This way you can pack for whatever type of British weather you might encounter. You can also look stylish whatever the occasion may be, whether it’s a night out or a fun filled day with the kids. Check out the website Best Days Out Cornwall for some ideas.

Emergency supplies

Pack a couple of emergency items just so that your time away isn’t ruined by unforeseen circumstances. This includes small scissors, a torch, matches and candles. But most importantly don’t forget a first aid kit, this could be left in the car or taken with you on your journeys. You should make sure your first aid kit is fully equipped with plasters, bandages, tweezers, medication for sickness/diarrhoea and insect bite treatment.

Toys, games and books

Essential for anyone going away with children, especially for those rainy days spent indoors. Take old fashioned board games with you as well as video games. Remember to also pack some books to relax with; holidays are the perfect opportunities to catch up on some reading.


Regardless of whatever adventure you are on, be sure to take some bits of technology with you, from your mobile phone, iPod, Satnav or tablet. This way you can keep yourself entertained reading on those chilled out days and if you should get lost, your GPS/Satnav can you guide you on your way through the many trips you have planned. To find out the best travel-savvy gadgets to help transform your holiday, take a look at If technology isn’t your thing, take a map with you.

Sports Gear

Don’t forget to pack your golf clubs, tennis racquets, swimsuits or hiking boots. You don’t want to spend all your time away doing nothing but sitting down, you need to explore and check out all the fun things you can do. Take your sporting gear with you, discover more on your time away and let off some steam.

So now you know how and what you should be packing for your Rural Retreat it’s time to get looking for that perfect holiday spot. Check out Classic Cottages who have everything from short breaks in the Isle of Wight to week long adventures around Devon – you name it, they’ve got it!


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