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Iceni Magazine | July 2, 2022

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4 things a branded mug can do for your marketing

4 things a branded mug

If your first thought upon waking – other than how many times you can hit snooze before you really need to get up – is making a steaming mug of tea or coffee, then you’re not alone.

In a study on British breakfast habits, tea was the most popular breakfast drink, with two kinds of coffee – lattes and cappuccinos – taking the 3rd and 4th positions respectively.

If you add to that the knowledge that the average Brit will spend £270 on coffee and drink 876 cups of tea in a year, then it seems obvious that mugs are something that everyone needs. And that these fun facts make promotional mugs a great investment for brands looking to get their names and logos in front of more people. We’ll explain exactly why below.

1.    Increased views

Not many people will wear a promotional t-shirt regularly, but the chances of someone pulling out your mug at least once a week are high, making your number of impressions about 52 per year. In addition, people are more likely to offer branded mugs to guests or take them into their workplace, meaning that even more people will be seeing the mug besides just the recipient.

This all applies to any mug stamped with a brand name and/or logo, regardless of design, so imagine how much more effective this marketing method will be if you opt for one of the cute, cool, and colourful custom printed mugs available at National Pen. They’ll stand out in the cupboard and might even make it onto the mug tree.

2.    Create positive associations

When considering using branded items in your marketing strategy it’s not just about the quantity of impressions, but also the quality. Mugs hold warm drinks that wake us up at 8 am, keep us going on the job, or comfort us when we’re tired (or even sad), so the people using the mug will associate it with positive feelings, energy and reassurance. What better takeaway could you ask for from an advertisement?

3.    Long-lasting

Flyers only last until someone reaches a recycling bin, notepads get used up, and clothing items are donated as the recipient changes size. Good quality mugs can last decades with the right care, meaning that your business could be advertised to thousands of people.

4.    Alternative uses

For those rare people who don’t drink hot beverages, there are plenty of ways to still use a mug:

  • Instant meals: Many common quick meals, like soups, pasta, and rice, come in packets that are designed to be made straight in a mug, only requiring hot water from the office kettle.
  • Microwave cakes: Sometimes people want a delicious cake, but don’t want to wait for them to cook in the oven. Mug cakes take only a few minutes and have thousands of recipes on the web to entice bakers of any skill.
  • Pen pots: Mugs make great holders for pens, pencils, and other small stationery that would either get lost in desk drawers or create a mess. As a bonus, it will always be on the desk, so will be seen multiple times per day.
  • Planter: This is a great way to grow small plants that don’t need a lot of water, without using those annoying plastic pots that are liable to spill.

From pen holder to steaming cup of reassurance, now you have seen how versatile a branded mug is as a gift and just how many times the recipients and their direct surroundings would be exposed to your business logo.

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