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Iceni Magazine | July 3, 2022

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4 Ways To Increase Your Health And Fitness

4 Ways To Increase Your Health And Fitness

Now more than ever it is important to look after your wellbeing.

Covid-19 struck a lot of people and is still making its way around the world. In order to prevent it and fight it off should the worst happen then you need to be as fit as you possibly can be. Being fit and well will also strengthen your immune system against all the other nasties such as the cold and flu viruses.


One thing you need to focus on is putting the right things in your body, this comes from your diet. If you eat your five a day and have an equal balance of all the other food groups then your body will have everything it needs to function. The things you put in your body transfer to other things, for example, carbohydrates turn into energy and help you function during the day. Fruits and vegetables also contain vital vitamins and nutrients that all have their own jobs within the human body. If you are unsure of what to eat and how much to put on your plate then contacting a nutritionist might help you.


As well as watching what you eat it is equally as important to work out regularly. You should ensure you are doing exercise that raises your heart rate, this is known as cardio and is great for burning fat and calories. Anything that gets your heart pumping is great for you and your body, this can range from brisk walking, running, or swimming. Find something you enjoy doing and that will make it even easier to exercise.

You might find it easier to work out with family or friends if you are not comfortable doing it alone. You could try and find a community workout group such as yoga or dancing.


Something that people quite often forget about and that helps your body immensely is supplements. If you miss out on vital vitamins and nutrients from your diet then it is best to invest in a supplement that provides you with everything you need. You can sign up for a monthly subscription service and these get delivered straight to your door. Make sure you are reading about all the supplements available and what they do for you. It would help if you get one that not only helps with your vital functions but also helps to boost cognitive functions as well, a great example of this is lion’s mane oil.

Mental Health

Finally, something that is often put on the back burner is your mental health. This is important as neglecting this can lead to problems such as anxiety and depression. Unfortunately, suffering from something like this can quickly take a downward spiral and lead to time off work and not wanting to do much at all. If you feel yourself struggling day to day then take some time out and collect your thoughts. The issue could be something deeper rooted such as a problem at work or a toxic relationship. This can really bring you down so it may be worth chatting to a professional and taking part in some talking therapies.

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