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Iceni Magazine | August 16, 2022

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Why Aren’t You Exercising More?

Why Aren't You Exercising More?

For all we know, you might be a fitness fanatic, so this article might not apply to you.

However, if your only moments of exercise during the day are when you climb the stairs to go to the bathroom, then it’s time to consider your lack-of-exercise excuses. You see, if you’re not giving your body a regular workout, you are missing out on all of the expected benefits. Regular exercise equates to better physical and mental health, more energy, and if you buddy up with others, more social opportunities.

So, if we are relating to you, here’s our title’s question again: Why aren’t you exercising more?

Let’s consider possible reasons why.

#1: I’m too busy

Busyness is a common excuse for those who don’t exercise regularly. Work and family commitments can eat into exercise time so it’s understandable if this point applies to you. However, it is still possible to fit exercise into your busy schedule. You could walk or cycle to work, play active games with your family, and get up earlier in the morning to give yourself a workout. You should also look at your daily and weekly schedule. It might be that you can drop something in favour of more exercise in your life, so cut out any activities that won’t add value to your life or long-term health.

#2: Exercise is painful

When you first start out an exercise routine, you will experience muscle soreness and joint pains. It’s to be expected as your body needs time to get used to strenuous activity. Over time, things will get easier as your body becomes stronger and more flexible so this isn’t an issue you will have to deal with forever.

So, if you have given up early because you have felt pain, you shouldn’t let this deter you. Start out slow, focus on exercises that aren’t high-intensity (such as walking and swimming), and let your body adapt to what you’re doing. If you do experience pain, ice packs, heat pads, and CBD Patches are all effective remedies, although you should seek medical advice if your pain persists for more than a day or two.

#3: Exercise is boring

If your exercise routine has become just that, a routine, then yes, it can get a little boring. However, just because something is boring doesn’t mean you should stop doing it. Considering the benefits that await you, it’s better to persist rather than give up.

Of course, exercise doesn’t have to be boring. You can mix up your regular routines, such as taking different routes if you’re jogging or running. You could also take up a sport that you might enjoy, buddy up with friends or family members and compete with one another, or try any of these other ways to make exercise fun. By doing so, you will gain more enjoyment in life and improve your health and fitness levels.

These are just some of the reasons why you might not be exercising more. But whatever the reason, whether we have hit the nail on the head or not, consider the benefits of exercise. Find ways to overcome the barriers that are in front of you and look for opportunities to get active. You will be thankful that you did, especially when you start to feel more energised, both physically and mentally.

#4 You haven’t found a sport you love yet

Most of us immediately think about going to the gym or jogging when we hear the word ‘exercise.’ If these activities don’t appeal to you, it’s a great idea to try a range of different sports and active pursuits and vary your workouts. Join a football, rugby or cricket team, go to exercise classes, swim, play golf or tennis or get out into the great outdoors. You may find that you have talents you weren’t aware of or that you fall head over heels for a new hobby. If you’re new to playing sports, make sure you have the right equipment. For cricket, for example, you’ll need pads, a helmet and a bat. If you’re tall, pick up a long handled option. For golf, it’s wise to hire clubs if you’re a beginner and you’re not sure whether you want to continue playing. Invest in comfortable, well-fitted boots for football and rugby.

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