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Iceni Magazine | July 2, 2022

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6 Reasons Employee Safety Training Is Essential

6 Reasons Employee Safety Training Is Essential

From retail stores to factories, there is a range of potential hazards that could put your employees, customers and other visitors in danger.

Because of this, you must ensure your team understands the importance of safety training.

This training is more than knowing when to put down wet floor signs. It covers crucial factors that make your workplace as safe as possible. But what are the other primary reasons to engage in safety training? Here are six crucial things to remember.

It Is Required By Law

The main reason to train employees in safety is that it is required by law. The Health and Safety At Work Act outlines the importance of providing all the necessary tools, materials, and equipment that ensures total safety for employees and customers alike when they are at your office, store or warehouse.

Without this law, companies will fail to meet compliance demands, creating unsafe working conditions that put everyone at severe risk of injury or even result in fatal accidents. When running a business, it is beneficial to become familiar with the law so you know precisely what your business needs to do.

It Reduces Workplace Accidents

There are many disadvantages to workplace accidents. Not only can they cause severe injury to employees, but they could also disrupt the workday, which can have a significant impact on your profits. While human safety is of course the primary reason, you also do not want anything to interfere with projects.

This is particularly vital if you run a manufacturing business that relies on consistent efficiency and productivity. Even the smallest injury can cause a substantial domino effect that makes the rest of your goals unachievable. If all of your employees know how to operate machinery and follow safety guidelines, you dramatically reduce the risk of accidents.

It Allows Them to Act Quickly

Accidents can happen without warning, and if your team does not know how to react, there is the risk that things get worse quickly. But, with safety training, they can act quickly and solve or mediate the issue without the problem exasperating.

It’s important to teach your employees how to react to all accidents. This includes knowing fire extinguisher colours to put out a fire safely. It also applies to personal injuries, such as broken bones or cuts. If your team knows what to do, there is a reduced risk that the problem worsens.

It Makes It Easier to Help Customers

It is not just your employees you need to worry about. Any visitor, whether client, customer, is your responsibility when they are within your premises. Therefore, employing individuals with First Aid training or providing this training as part of their job allows them to help customers immediately.

In many cases, this is even more important than helping colleagues as they will need guidance on what to do next. A customer may panic after experiencing an injury, which can cause them to make rash and potentially deadly decisions. If they have someone to direct them to a safe space, they reduce their chances of making the injury worse.

It Creates a Culture of Accountability

It can be challenging to get everyone on the same page, especially if you have contrasting personalities. However, safety training ensures  everyone works for everyone else, and will look out for one another. This is a great way to reduce workplace accidents as it means that employees can warn their co-workers about possible dangers before they happen.

This accountability works in all professional environments. It encourages people to clean up after themselves and return safety equipment or other appliances and accessories at the end of the work day or their shift. With this, you ensure everything is where it needs to be, so your team can act quickly.

It Protects Your Business From Liability

Businesses are often liable when someone injures themselves. By providing safety training, you reduce the liability and may even protect yourself from charges or lawsuits.

You should also take out business liability insurance which will protect you further, while signage around the workplace can highlight what you are and are not responsible for to ensure you cover all bases. While you hope nothing ever goes wrong at your business, safety training drastically minimises the chance of something happening, and you can ensure you are fully protected.

Safety First

You never know what could happen at work. By establishing safety training and outlining safety procedures, you will be more successful in protecting employees and customers. This will increase your reputation and create a positive atmosphere that benefits your company.

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