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Iceni Magazine | August 16, 2022

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Keep Your Business Safe for Clients and Employees

Keep Your Business Safe for Clients and Employees

Employees and clients are an integral part of your company.

But anything can happen at any time, so you need to ensure you keep your business safe to avoid harm to everyone.

Don’t Neglect Hygiene

Hygiene is a core part of business safety. Whether you operate a medical centre, food van, face-to-face service or retail store, it’s always important. Falling under health and safety commitments, the hygiene of your company can play a vital role. But it’s not something that your typical cleaning staff might be qualified for beyond vacuuming, sweeping and standard cleaning. For example, you need commercial cleaning specialists trained to handle medical equipment as a dentist. Further, COVID-19 sanitization is a priority in helping prevent another pandemic.

Always Hire Qualified People

Accidents at work are common. There are numerous reasons, such as neglect, failure to act and carelessness. Yet one of the biggest problems is unqualified personnel. Some jobs don’t require you to hire qualified employees. Yet it’s always helpful to ensure they can at least do a job properly by asking for a demonstration or checking their noted experience. You should also ensure that jobs requiring licenses and permits are staffed by employees with valid permissions. For example, operating specific heavy machinery requires safety and performance permits.

Use Tech to Keep Your Business Safe

All over the world, no business is immune to crime. There are over 600,000 crimes against commercial enterprises in the UK yearly. These include criminal damage, theft and cybercrime. But you can help prevent crime against your business with modern technology:

  • Smart devices like cameras, locks and security tags.
  • Facial recognition software to identify people who shouldn’t be there.
  • Drones for securing a large perimeter such as a building site.

Advancements in technology are constantly being used to boost security and safety. Modern smart tech can be used with mobile devices like smartphones, which is always handy. And drones are cheaper than ever with advanced features such as night vision and HD cameras.

Perform Annual Assessments

Safety and security also mean assessing your company for risk. Risk assessments aim to measure your business’ effectiveness against things like fire, floods and electrical safety. In addition, other hazards, such as earthquakes and severe weather damage, depend on where you operate. At the very least, you should equip your premises with deterrents and aids such as fire alarms, extinguishers and emergency exits. Additionally, you should have outside assessment companies measure your effectiveness for unbiased decisions and advice.

Perform Regular Emergency Drills

The best equipment and risk assessment scores are useless if your employees and clients can’t use them. So you need to ensure you perform regular drills, so everyone knows what to do in an emergency. Staff and customers alike need to be aware of exit locations, proper use of equipment and muster points. You can inform everyone of these with strategically placed advice posters and regular response drills. Additionally, you should employ personnel trained in first aid. And it’s now becoming common to install defibrillators on-site for heart-related emergencies.


There is a lot to do if you want to keep your business safe. At the very least, you need to sanitize correctly, use new security technologies and pay attention to emergency response.


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