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Iceni Magazine | October 17, 2021

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Everything You Need for Your Catering Business

Everything You Need for Your Catering Business

If you are passionate about cooking, then you may have considered starting a catering business.

It can be an incredibly lucrative business if you work hard and you have good marketing strategies. Initially, the work may be sporadic, but with a consistent effort, you can quickly build up a good reputation and a solid client base.

That being said, starting a catering business does require a lot of catering equipment; read on for a list of everything you will need.


First, you need to ensure that you have the large equipment sorted, the things that you need for cooking and storing the food. After that, most of the equipment that you need you will find in your kitchen; however, if you are renting out a space to work from, then it may be useful to list all the utensils you will need:

  • Knives, scissors and chopping boards – to ensure that you can prep all of your ingredients.
  • Tongs, spatulas and serving spoons – for the handling of the food.
  • Colanders, peelers and graters – for cleaning and prepping your vegetables.
  • Scales, timers and thermometers – a lot of the success of catering relies on the food being exactly prepared and perfectly cooked.
  • Mixing bowls – these are essential when cooking for large groups.

The list above is comprised of the basics; you may need to add to it depending on the needs of your business and the type of food that you offer.

Mobile Catering

If you are planning on opening a mobile catering business, then obviously, you will need a vehicle. If you buy a pre-owned mobile catering van, then you may find that it already has a lot of the equipment that you need. However, storage space is still a must to store any equipment when it is not in use.


These items need replenishing frequently, as the name suggests. And they mostly pertain to the cleanliness of your operation.

  • Blue roll is a staple of any professional kitchen, and it is great for spillages and cleaning in general.
  • Disposable gloves are vital to maintaining the hygiene of your kitchen. In addition, they can be used for food prep and serving.
  • Vapour distilled water is another cleaning must-have. Golyath has a range of options, including other cleaning equipment that you can use for your business.
  • Foil and greaseproof paper can be used to line baking trays, and it saves on the cleaning up too.
  • Clingfilm can be used to keep food fresh, and it can help to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Cleaning spray, washing up liquid and sponges. A catering business does lead to a lot of cleaning and washing up; make sure you are stocked up.

In Conclusion

If you truly enjoy cooking and you have an entrepreneurial streak, then there is no reason why you couldn’t make a success of your new venture. Starting your own business, much like cooking, requires a lot of preparation.

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