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Iceni Magazine | August 14, 2022

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3 surprising reasons to visit Edinburgh Airport

3 surprising reasons to visit Edinburgh Airport

For the majority of us, there’s only one reason to visit an airport, and that’s to get from A to B. Even then, most people view the airport as a last resort, the vehicular equivalent of visiting the dentist for a root canal.

And there’s good reason for that. The majority of international flight hubs are teeming with people, labyrinthine in structure, bereft of charm, and claustrophobically grey. It’s not that an airport can’t be friendly, and many are trying their best, but that they add extra terminals and corridors onto old buildings, making them increasingly difficult to negotiate. When walking to your departure gate feels more like running down a corridor in a Kafka novel, you can be pretty sure there’s an architect somewhere who’s kicking themselves.

But there’s one advantage to this glut of poorly conceived airports – you’ll be even more pleased when you find one that meets your satisfaction.

For us, Edinburgh Airport ticks all of those boxes, and is worth a drive from Norfolk to appreciate. Want to know why? Then read on…

Prime airport parking

While some airports have car parks that are complex and unintuitive to negotiate, Edinburgh’s premier flight hub is teeming with private airport parking to save you the bother of finding a spot.

There are a number of meet and greet services onsite, but Edinburgh Airport’s best private parking provider is – you can nab 60 per cent in savings if you book ahead.

Do so and you’ll be able to park your car directly in front of your terminal, only for a valet to park it for you while you check in. It’s a little hint of luxury to start your journey.

Flute and Tails

You’ll be able to pick up plenty of grub from franchised outlets in Edinburgh Airport – Caffe Nero, Costa, Pret a Manger and many more eateries are available before and after security checks.

But if you fancy the taste of opulence before you flight, there’s no better option than Flutes and Tails – a champagne bar that offers an extensive food menu comprised entirely of Scottish ingredients.

On the menu you’ll find champagne breakfasts, brunches and dinners featuring foodstuffs like smoked salmon, poached egg and king prawn. This branch, like most airport services, can prepare your food in 15 minutes or less, so you won’t have to rush for your flight to enjoy your meal.


Scotland is synonymous with tartan, the coloured pattern that was first made famous by the novels of Sir Walter Scott. So head to the Brora boutique to choose from a sumptuous range of tartan knitwear, including ready-to-wear scarves, socks and jerseys.

These hand-knitted Scottish cashmere designs are a premium purchase, and make a trip to Edinburgh Airport worthwhile on its own.

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