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Iceni Magazine | August 14, 2022

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What Are Corporate Entertainment Agencies and What Do They Do?

What Are Corporate Entertainment Agencies

A corporate entertainment agency is a company that is dedicated to providing services related to corporate events.

In other words, they provide corporate solutions to corporate events. These companies bridge the gap between the event planners and the entertainers, as well as the other specialists. Some have long-standing contracts with their own entertainers. Corporate entertainment agencies offer a wide range of solutions, including arranging for artists such as musicians, comedians, stand up singers, public speakers, etc. They also provide booking services and pitch for new projects.

At some point, you may need an entertainment agency. For all it is worth, they are the “to go to” guys whenever you need a particular contact. Their usefulness makes them long-standing friends; if you might need a go, then you can visit this website Celebrate Just Right to hire an entertainment specialist. So, what do the corporate entertainment agencies do? Below is a comprehensive follow up on the benefits of corporate entertainment agencies.

They act as middlemen

Intermediaries usually act because they have contacts. This is the same with entertainment agencies. Say you need a particular entertainer with a particular set of skills. If you initiate an online search, you may end up getting hundreds of them. Others may be stationed abroad. To minimize the scope of the search, you just need to call the agency, and they will give you a narrowed list. Or, even a particular entertainer you need.

Also, they can recommend a particular entertainer for a specific event. They use a broad spectrum of entertainment since they get gigs from all over. Therefore, they have the appropriate expertise that could be used to get an entertainer that fits your description.

Furthermore, they deal with trustable clientele. Therefore, they are reliable and swift whenever called to action.

Planning of customized events

Entertainment agencies can come in handy, especially when you want to deliver a customized event. After you settle on the type of corporate event you need, provide the details to the agency representative, and sit and wait. The agencies provide the flexibility that would otherwise be difficult to get. They can also provide an entertainer who is capable and specializes in the same field you have the event themed.

They know how to explore the entertainment opportunities available

Depending on the experience in the market, or the number of years they have been operational, there are high chances that they have worked with a majority of artists in the market. This makes them be able to negotiate a discount whenever they are dealing with an artist. Also, they are able to provide entertainers to the customers if they enquire one.

Committed and reliable

Corporate events are very delicate. People judge the company or the individual host based on the outcome of the event. Having known this fact and experienced it. They know what is at stake. Therefore, an entertainment agency will do as hired to do and within the required timeline. Timely service delivery is a requirement that is demanded in this business and not requested. One minute late, and the damage is already done.

Furthermore, say the artist you settled for has gone under due to unavoidable circumstances. The agency can chip in and salvage the situation by making replacements from their bank of artists at their disposal.

Provide quality services

Most of these agencies in the market have a reputation they need to keep. To another extent, they need your valuation to be positive and have good reviews about them. Therefore, they will not compromise on the quality of service they offer. Their high-quality services are up to the required standard hence making them ideal for any events & entertainment jobs for your project.

Offer a reliable back-up option

Corporate events are the kinds in which more than ten artists can be contracted to entertain. If you were the one to manage them, then it means you will need at least half that number to back-up the plan, which you need to put on retainer. This venture may not be economical on your part. On the other hand, this may not provide a challenge to the agencies per se since they have some artists working for them on contractual terms. Meaning they are in a position to guarantee a back-up plan in case something goes wrong with the original plan A.

Provide a wide range of choice

Entertainment agencies guarantee diversity. They are in a constant race to sign up new talent. After training, the artist learns to perfect a particular art that they specialize in. By the time the client is coming to hire a speaker or a magic worker, or a singer, they already have someone in mind for the right job. Also, since their pool of choices is understandably large. They give you options from which you can choose your preferred candidate.

They anticipate the needs of the audience

From experience, agencies are able to read the expectations of the audience and anticipate their needs. By so doing, they are feeding them exactly what they expect to be fed. This is the first secret to a successful corporate party. Always be aware of the needs of your audience. Top industry planners use agencies precisely for this purpose. They not only spot the opportunity but also know the time window that one can throw in a solution and what solution can be thrown. All parties will be judged on how the audience is treated. Being able to observe and counter their expectations is a step in a positive direction. 

The bottom line

Corporate entertainment agencies are private companies that specialize in the provision of entertainment solutions to the customers on demand. Some are special for only this exercise; however, there are companies that are all out with planning to provisions of entertainers to catering solutions, etc. Whichever way a company specializes in its dealership, it is agreed that their experience and their diverse pool of options make them industry friends rather than rivals, for they complement the services by other service providers. Furthermore, they are a time saver. 


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