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Iceni Magazine | January 15, 2021

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Why move when you can improve?

Why move when you can improve?

The start of a new year is often associated with new beginnings, hopes and aspirations for the coming months. 

A bigger and better house is often wished for by many people, but why not save yourself time, money and hassle by improving your current home instead?  Here, we share five top tips to make you feel happier about the space you have now.

  1. Loft conversion

Have you considered transforming your dusty loft into another bedroom, games room, office or craft room?  If not, why not?  Doing this creates extra space.  Whether you are expecting a new bundle of joy, have an elderly relative moving in or you just would like a space to call your own, somewhere to retreat to after a stressful day at work, a loft conversion could be the answer.  Call in the experts for this job though, as there are certain regulations your conversion needs to meet. 

  1. Revamp your existing kitchen

New kitchens can set you back thousands of pounds.  If your kitchen feels outdated and you’re frustrated by the old-fashioned tiles, why not save yourself money by improving what you already have?  Consider painting the cabinets in a fresh white or cream colour, or go retro and use a pastel pink or duck egg blue.  It isn’t only the cabinets you could paint, but the tiles too. Tile paint is readily available in many DIY stores in a variety of colours, so you can find something perfect for your style.  Some stores also stock tile stickers Re-grouting the tiles will give your kitchen a cleaner, more modern feel. 

  1. Overhaul your garden

Although it is currently winter, think ahead to summer and plan an area of decking for your garden. Daydream about having a special somewhere to enjoy a cheeky glass of wine or two and this could help you finalise your designs.  If decking isn’t your things, think about creating a new focal point using sleepers and choosing plants and trees to add colour all year round.  

Don’t keep putting off the inevitable!  Replace fencing sooner rather than later, certainly before it blows down causing more hundreds of pounds worth of damage.  Milfords, for instance, offer a wide range of fencing to suit everyone’s needs. 

bathroom refurb

  1. Paint, paint, paint…

It’s amazing what a lick of paint can do to brighten up a house – skirting boards, dado rails, doors and staircase – all of these areas can get grubby easily.  With just a few tins of gloss, you will soon have everywhere looking much fresher!  Don’t forget the walls (internal and external) too.  It isn’t necessary to change the colour in each room; stick to what you know and like, as keeping colours the same means you’ll need fewer coats and save yourself money.

  1. Upgrade your bathroom with a few small changes

Like kitchens, bathrooms can set you back a fortune when you decide to upgrade.  So, why not change a few smaller things within your bathroom and give it a more contemporary feel?  New taps on the sink and bath, a new toilet seat and, as suggested previously, re-grouting will certainly create a different look.  Finally, add some large typography or abstract artwork to reflect your personal style.


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