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Iceni Magazine | January 28, 2022

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Why It Makes Perfect Sense To Invest In Property Development Despite The Pandemic

Why It Makes Perfect Sense To Invest In Property Development

As the great property developer Roy Spagnolo always says, investing in property is the smartest type of investment which you could possibly make, and the pandemic has not changed this one bit.

In fact in many circles, investors are reinforcing why in fact it makes perfect sense to buy during this world crisis, despite what many think.

It is true that the pandemic has impacted many lives and ruined the savings and personal finances of so many. With this being said however, there are also many who have not been quite so heavily impacted, who are still in a position to invest. For those who are cash rich, this is why now is the best time to invest in real estate.

Less Competition

One of the more obvious reasons as to why now is a great time to buy a property is that you can count on much less competition from other buyers. There are of course many people who simply don’t have the financial power to invest in a property, and there is also a huge percentage of people who are just in limbo. Uncertainty is not a good place to take decisions from and that is also going to lower the number of people actively looking to make such a purchase.  

Flash Sales

As to whether or not the pandemic will have a profound effect on property prices remains to be seen. This will certainly affect some areas but those expecting some kind of crash are likely to be mistaken. What we can anticipate however is that those looking to sell as a result of damage caused by this year’s events, will wish to do so at speed. Many aiming to downsize will want to cash in and get out as soon as possible, this will result in smoother transactions and potentially lower prices.  

Smarter Investments  

Much like many other industries, the property developers are having to make sweeping changes to the types of properties they are building, in light of the new conditions. There will have been many who purchased at the beginning of the pandemic or indeed before it, who may now have a property on their hands which goes against the new trends which Covid-19 has brought. You on the other hand can do this from a far better informed point of view, ensuring that the property you invest in will be an attractive one based on those new trends.

Better Rates 

If you are looking to take on credit for your investment then the good news is that money has never been cheaper. You can lock in low rates on a mortgage which may just be able to give you more spending power than you might have thought. If you are able to stretch further then you could certainly be looking at higher profits in the years to come.  

Approach with caution yes, but don’t shut down the idea of investing in real estate in the current climate.

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