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Iceni Magazine | April 19, 2021

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Top Five Best Men’s Earring Styles for Daring Fashionistas

Best Men’s Earring Styles

The times when earrings were exclusively for ladies have sunk into oblivion.

Modern men boldly deploy these accessories to complement their looks. For young fashionistas, unique eye-catching earrings are a chance to stand out in the crowd. In this post, we talk about the most popular men’s earrings in the context of design and materials, so make sure to keep reading to learn your options.

Earrings featuring decorative elements

If we compare jewelry for men and women, the former normally features stones with a minimum number of faces and lack of excessive detailing. Oftentimes, men choose polished stones instead of faceted ones. Those rounded, domed, and polished stones are called cabochons. Popular precious stones are rarely shaped like this because this design steals their brilliant radiance. The best candidates for polishing are opaque semi-precious gems boasting original patterns due to natural inclusions – opals, cat’s eye, turquoise, etc.

Besides gemstone encrusting, men’s earrings are often embellished with colored glass, wood beads, and enamel. If ear ornaments are made of silver, it frequently features oxidizing and blackening that highlights sunken design elements.

Hoop Earrings

Circular earrings are also called pirate earrings or Congo earrings. They look pretty similar to women’s models with the same design the only difference is in their size – while ladies easily flaunt ginormous hoops, men stick to something smaller and more discreet. However, when it comes to thickness, the sterner sex has more options to choose from. For everyday accessorizing, they pick thin smooth models made of silver, steel, as well as tungsten and titanium alloys. If it’s an accessory for a special occasion or party, it is normally larger, thicker, with fancy detailing, and gemstone embellishment. Some men’s hoops look so amazing, they make ladies jealous. 


Studs are the everlasting staple of men’s jewelry. These seemingly discreet earrings boast a number of benefits. First of all, they are easy to wear due to their minimalistic size and lightweight. Second, they go well with literally any outfit. You can wear them in a workplace (unless it contradicts the dress code, but the majority of those are pretty lenient today), they will add an interesting flair to a romantic look, they will help elevate casual dressing style. Last but not least, these miniature accessories rock very attractive price tags – it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to create your own stud earring collection for various occasions and outfits.

If you are in the market for studs for everyday wear, your best bet is models made of white gold, silver, or platinum. These durable and attractive materials are ideally suited to withstand daily rigors including UV radiation and moisture.


Dangle earrings combine designer flight of fantasy, bold ornamentation, and quirky shapes. While other types of men’s earrings are quite traditional and even predictable to some extent, dangles are everything but boring.

These designs are especially popular among subculture groups and individuals living Bohemian lifestyles. Perhaps, the most famous dangly earring is the iconic cross piece in the ear of the one and only George Michael. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it became the main pillar of its style appeal. Another celebrity who can’t imagine his style without dangles is Elton John. From a diamond-embellished Ankh to pearl drops, Sir Elton knows his way around fancy earrings. Many other celebrities follow in the renowned British gentlemen’s footsteps – Harry Styles, Lil Nas X, brothers Beckham, half of the K-Pop music scene, just to name a few.

When it comes to designs, the top portion of dangly earrings is either a hoop or a stud. The part that holds the most interest, however, is the bottom that dangles. Besides crosses, it may feature skulls, roses, daggers, horns, geometric shapes, astrological signs, and whatever feels appealing to guys. By the way, if you’re looking for dangles in biker style, you should definitely check out this audacious collection

Tunnel (Plug) Earrings

As someone once said, beauty knows no pain. If you want to be beautiful, you have to sacrifice something. In terms of earrings, it is the integrity of your earlobe. Tunnel earrings demand even more sacrifices and pain. Nevertheless, the trend that requires this painful transformation became one of the most noticeable happenings in fashion in the 21 century.

To wear tunnel earrings, you will have to significantly stretch your earlobe. However, the result is worth it if you enjoy shocking and outraging. Besides, a large-gauge hole framed by fancy earring is a surefire way to attract attention to your persona.

If you like the look of tunnel earrings but you don’t want to go through pain, the jewelry market is bristling with faux plugs. They require normal earlobe piercing but thanks to an enlarged round shape, they look similar to gauge earrings.

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